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  • хорошо бы еще сделать возможность чтения текста через tts установленный на компьютере без гугла.
    типа так
    var su = new SpeechSynthesisUtterance();
    su.voice = window.speechSynthesis.getVoices().filter(function(voice) { return voice.name == data; })[0];
    su.text = document.getSelection().toString();

    Developer response

    напишите о своем пожелании на форуме, обсудим :)

  • Переводит многие сайты

  • 5 stars
    some suggest:
    can support self-closing after some seconds or when user click web page.

    am I too lazy???o(^▽^)o

    Developer response

    > or when user click web page.

    check/uncheck pin "Do not close at loss of focus"

  • Good and very usefull add on...
    The only problem I have Is if I want to translate from my language to english...

    For example, I have the add on set to autodect the language from it has to translate to my native language...

    But sometimes I need to translate my native language to English...

    It would usefull than can I do this without reset each time the add on...

    When I used quick translator:
    (missed now from mozilla add ons) It made this without problems

    Quick translator was the best translator I ever used... but it don't work anymore since firefox 44 release

    S3.Google translator is the second one for me but the only one that works now


    Developer response

    Thank you for your suggestion!

  • I wish we can disable the google translate drop down bar at the top

    Developer response

    what do you mean?
    please send me letter for more details: pag77@mail.ru

  • this add-on is easy to translate into many languages

  • this add-on is good...it will be good if the exact translation of the words is given.

  • >you mean open/close top panel "S3.Google Translator"?

    Yes, that's what I meant, the one that toggle the top panel on & off. I'd like it to be hidden from that menu, can it be done from the about:config as well?

    Thank you.

    Developer response

    sorry, no...
    but you can hide this option using Menu Wizard

  • Excellent AAAAAAAAAA ++++++++++++++

  • Funciona de maravilla.

  • The only thing is the waste of screen space when pops up the dialog at the bottom (selected text translate).
    Padding at the bottom, right, left. Reduce it to few pixels or 0 and move close pin etc. buttons to the top-right. Same thing for "Available for..." "translation".
    It would be nice to reorganize elements of this dialog to make it more compact.
    I'm not sure what error you're talking about.
    I suggested to rebuild the layout of the dialog that pops up when you select text and click "translate selected text".
    https://addons.cdn.mozilla.net/user-media/previews/full/98/98170.png?modified=1447705234 that one

    Developer response

    Please send me letter for more details about your problem: pag77@mail.ru

  • Thanks for the help!

    Developer response

    ok :)

  • As above.
    The author's support is exceptional and almost immediate.

  • Thanks for nice add-on. I can re-edit the text inside the translation window on the previous version. Is there a way to change the settings?

    Developer response

    in bottom panel - click checkbox "view source text"
    in fly-window - click button (icon arrow-up) "view source text"

  • Looks great. But why can you only click a button to translate ? It would be great to be able to set a personal hotkey (eg ALT X), then just highlight the text and press the hotkey. Much faster than messing around with buttons.

    Also translate buttons disappear as soon as you click on the page and you CAN'T retranslate without re-highlighting the text again. It is very infuriating. With hotkeys, there would not be this problem

    Developer response

    S3.Translator: Settings -> Actions -> Hotkeys

  • i was impress on how accurate it can read. very cool

  • 原本我都用靈格斯翻譯,你做這個比較好用,謝謝!!

  • :-D

  • This addon is perfect, it suits my needs and have everything that one could have imagined.

    Hovewer I managed somehow to spoil the pin on feature - I couldn't turn (back) on the "close window at focus lost" option. Reinstalling the addon didnt help, various attempts which included turning on and off the features and closing and opening mozilla neither did help. You can look up for this.

    But overall, that is the best translation addon i could find in here and i searched a lot. Hands down, great work. I recommend it 100%

    Developer response


  • J'utilisais un autre traducteur, dont j'étais très satisfait, mais S3.Google Translator est encore meilleur, bien plus pratique dans tous les cas, en particulier sur les tchats.

  • Fabulous work guys. I just Love it.

  • ...but please add the possibility to show all translations (not just one), and definitions (maybe in additional tabs?). Then I'll give 5/5 stars. Still, thank you for your great work!

    Developer response

    tranlate-fly-window -> view reverse (or second) translation

  • Change the icon and the interface. It looks like its in firefox 23. Make it clean and more like the original google translator.

  • Thank you ! :)

  • brilliant work!