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  • Es ist so einfach...genial

  • i read a lot of fanfics. some of them, unfortunately, are in another language. which SUCKS, cuz it features a ship i really like!
    but now that i have this addon, i can set it to automatically translate the text on certain websites, which is great, cuz having to click a button and/or copy-paste it into google translate is a PAIN!!
    thanks for making this! keep up the good work, guys!!! :D

  • alles bestens, gerne immer wieder zu gebrauchen

  • Ein Anklicken reicht,und schon ist alles in deiner Sprache übersetzt.

  • I am {well was} a Courts Translator in two languages - as well as English - and I speak, read and write in several languages but now I am getting old and make several poor translations ........ but this site is fairly accurate - MUCH better than my efforts now.

    My personal way of testing accuracy is to do several "reverse" translations of phrases and written conversations I know to be accurate and this program does a very good service - not exactly 100% - but very close.

    Naturally, colloquial sayings and "local slang" which I am personally aware of to be ever changing challenges the program and of course there are many "untranslatable" words that even confuse the experts - so I will give this a "5 star" review

  • 自然に使いやすいツールです。必需品・

  • Thank you.

  • Best addon! Thank you for keep updating!

  • I get this message every time:
    Error connecting to server https://translate.google.com
    Try again.

    Developer response

    Please send your problem to forum:

  • very helpful

  • Miksi nykyään käännettävä sivu aukeaa toiselle googlen sivulle eikä kuitenkaan käännä sitä?
    -Ennen oli parempi, tuli sivun yläosaan palkki ja ilmoitus käännöksestä....

  • 还是不错的,发现的最好的翻译插件。但是有点复杂。

  • perfect,in China we can not use google without vpn,but it can replace google translator.it can fit all my need.very good.

  • awesome

  • Me funciona perfectamente.

  • Отличное расширение. Просто и многофункционально.

  • Замечательное расширение.
    Всегда под рукой, удобно использовать. Приходит на помощь со страницами и текстами на любом языке.
    Не очень интуитивные настройки, но это вообще мелочи жизни, так что
    Огромная благодарность разработчику Олександру. Пускай ему шлют больше донатов, на чай с плюшками.

  • jr

  • Последние несколько дней не работает:
    "Ошибка соединения с сервером https://translate.google.com
    Повторите запрос еще раз".

    Developer response

    сообщите про это на форуме:

  • It works, although you should have an option to re-display the original text after it is translated.

  • Muy buen addon, aunque no funciona en algunos sitios como Github y Medium

  • ok

  • It's good, but how come the website translation is different to what I get when manually selecting text and translating it with S3.Translator or pasting it into Google Translate?

  • Extremely good!Many thanks.

  • ottima !! la cercavo da molto, questa era l'unica cosa che mancava a Firefox