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  • لا استطيع فتح ايقونة الترجمة لاكتب ما اريد واترجمه
  • I am from China.I want to translate english to chinese.But the only problem is that for the same URL , the result from "Translate the page" is different from the result from "Translate the page via Google Web site".In terms of translation effect, the former is worse than the latter

    Below is the Chinese translation of the above text, you don't need to watch

  • Спасибо за удобный и полезный переводчик.
  • It makes my tab crashes if...

    1- edit a wiki page in Confluence (https://www.atlassian.com/software/confluence)
    2- and have another extension with somehow the same behavior (Like Grammarly)
    3- then select a word
  • the best extension to translate pages using firefox browser.

    Thanks for everything
  • best translator for firefox
  • Works really well and it's quite customizable. It makes Firefox feel just like Chrome in terms of auto-translation. The only problem that I really have with it is the lack of a dark theme for the main settings page. I'm still giving it 5 stars because it's totally functional otherwise and you don't see the main settings UI very often anyway.
  • Powerful and User friendly translate tool
  • Прикольное приложение)))
  • me ha encantado,le doy 5 estrellas,por que es totalmente buena,y la mejor del mundo
  • This translation add-on / app is perfect for Youtube!
  • muito boa
  • Перестала работать версия 6.18. Похоже, отвалилось после обновления Firefox до версии 62.0.2 (было обновление из штатных реп на Fedora Linux 30 сентября). Сообщение, как уже указывалось ранее: "Ошибка соединения с сервером https://translate.google.com Повторите запрос еще раз."

    P.S.: Проявляется при включении "Строгой защиты" в "Списках блокировки" защиты от отслеживания. Но перевод на странице translate.google.com работает. На forum.mozilla-russia.org недоступна регистрация из-за "лежащего" funcaptcha.co.

    Спасибо за отличную программу.
    Пожалуйста, оставьте отзыв о проблеме на форуме:
  • Найфункціональніше з усіх
  • gute übersetzung
  • Every few weeks the add-on resets and loses all its settings! I am already tired of renewing them..
  • Теперь все работает! Отличное расширение. Автор молодец!
  • One of the best extensions for Firefox. Do you plan to support translations using deepl.com too? Would it be possible to choose between them on this extension or would you need to create a new extension?
    I have in my work plan to add alternative sources of translation
  • Расширение самое лучшее из подобных.

    Обновился. Переводчик снова работает! Спасибо вам!
    обновитесь до версии 6.18
  • Після оновлення виникає помилка: «Error connecting to server https://translate.google.com Try again».
    обновитесь до версии 6.18
  • Hi, I can see your addon is very powerfullm but it doesn't work for me
    here is error message in russian in traslated part (below of original)

    Ошибка соединения с сервером https://translate.google.com
    Повторите запрос еще раз.
    Please update to version 6.18
  • Straight from the mouths of the dev: "If user consent is given, this add-on will collect non-personalized browsing history. In that case, the user's browsing history can be accessed by a third party. But we don't collect cookies, password, e-mails or any other confidential info. Only the domains (not full URLs) of the web-sites visited and nothing else."
    Mmmmm, no man, that's not ok with me.
    > Mmmmm, no man, that's not ok with me.

    ok, do not consent to the collection of statistics
  • Einfach zu bedienen. Sehr gute Übersetzungen.
  • Полезное и удобное.
    Разработчику всех благ.
  • The translator screen comes on arbitrarily and interferes with working on the page. It would be much more enjoyable if it came on only when I asked for a translation. The way that it operates now makes me very unhappy with this app.
    S3.Translator - Settings - Translate text - Default behavior of flying window: Close when loses focus