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Why was S3.Google Translator created?

S3.Google Translator - translation of selected text, entered phrase or whole webpage from one language to another desired language.

S3.Google Translator is Free Software: please, if you like it, you can support its progress through contribution.
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S3.Download Statusbar - This is a new life in Firefox 26+ for old well-known addon Download Statusbar!
New Features: Replace Downloads Library page.
Now you have full control of your downloads history!
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S3.Menu Wizard - Customize menus : Helps removing, moving and renaming menus and menu items
Support: Firefox, Thunderbird and SeaMonkey


What's next for S3.Google Translator

support is up to date

current changes:

  • version 2.17.
    hotfix: not working translation of selected text for some users
  • version 2.16.
    added: Experiment: translate the menu items (main.., context.. or tab..) into your native language (Integration with S3.Menu Wizard: )
    added: Settings: Context Menu: Show icon
    added: Support Thunderbird
    added: Support SeaMonkey browser
    updated: Ukranian locale (thanks Dmytro Rohachov)
    fixed: minor bug fixes
  • version 2.15.
    added: for translate full page: automatically add to the temporarily AdblockPlus Whitelist (thanks Wladimir Palant)
    added: Chinese locale (thanks 李卓)
    updated: Polish locale (thanks Maciej Bojakowski)
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
    updated: Japanese locale (thanks pulsmz)
  • version 2.14.
    added: new Options: enable/disable options in context menu
    changed: for "Translation of selected text on the fly" - not translated if selected text is your native language (Option: Default translation language)
    fixed: button toolbar for Firefox Australis (Firefox 29)
    fixed: normal work for Firefox 31.0a1
    fixed: minor bug fixes

    added: Arabic locale (thanks Ibrahim Saed)
    updated: French locale (thanks Jack Black)
  • version 2.13.
    changed: min-height for translate-panel of selected text
    added: button quickly change direction of translation
    added: new languages for translate: Bengali, Bosnian, Gujarati, Zulu, Igbo, Yoruba, Kannada, Khmer, Lao, Maori, Marathi, Mongolian, Nepali, Punjabi, Cebuano, Somali, Tamil, Telugu, Hausa, Hmong, Esperanto, Javanese
    added: in settings added limit the list of languages for translation
    added: remembering the last language translation
    removed: for translate full page: automatically add to the Noscript Whitelist
    added: for translate full page: when it detects NoScript added confirmation of the temporary addition of a site to the White List
  • version 2.12.
    added: for translate full page: automatically add to the Noscript Whitelist.
    added: French translation (thanks Jack Black)
    added: translation selected text from INPUT && TEXTAREA forms
    added: translation of selected text "on the fly" (works only when the panel of translation is closed)
  • version 2.11.
    added: for translate full page: automatically add to the Flashblock Whitelist.
    added: short description in Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
    fixed: disappearance of the button "Translate" in custom window
    added: in custom window added the ability to resize the window
  • version 2.10.
    small correction code
  • version 2.9.
    added: full translation to Japanese (thanks pulsmz)
  • version 2.8.
    added: in the settings (tab "Other") adds the ability to change the font size
  • version 2.7.
    added: translate from clipboard (default hotkey: Alt+V)
  • version 2.6.
    fixed: improved auto-detection of language when translating a full page
    fixed: view translation-panel in Full-Screen mode (F11)
  • version 2.5.
    added: full translation to Polish (thanks Maciej Bojakowski)
  • version 2.4.
    added: full translation to Spain (thanks Carlos Villarrubia)
  • version 2.3.
    Сhanges in keyboard shortcuts.
    Now can choose: Alt + symbol, Alt + Shift + symbol, Ctrl + symbol, Ctrl + Shift + symbol, Alt + Ctrl + symbol, Alt + Ctrl + Shift + symbol

About the Developer

Developer Information
Name Oleksandr
Location Kiev, Ukraine
User since February 23, 2011
Number of add-ons developed 6 add-ons
Average rating of developer's add-ons Rated 5 out of 5 stars