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  • hiç bir işe yaramaz. indirecekmiş gibi yapıyor sonra "canceled..." yazarak indiremiyor. yalan dolan.
  • Sometimes the bar appears, sometimes not and sometimes only with the second download. Very unreliable addon. I will look for an alternative.
  • Can you please make the file run pop up optional?
  • Good!!!
  • It would be nice if can choose to disable the file run pop up other then that it is a very nice little addon that i like using for years now,would like to use it,years to come.
  • aucun intérêt c'est un affichage sous une autre forme de la liste des téléchargements.
  • Useful and expansive settings menu. Perfectly functional extension.
  • Bien détaillé et fait son boulot correctement, cependant, je constate qu'il consomme beaucoup de ressource machine (CPU 45% POUR FIREFOX, EN ALERTE AVEC BIP SONORE DE SURCHAUFFE), donc 1 étoile en moins.
    De plus, je constate qu'il ne permet pas de contrôler la manière dont le fichier doit être gérer (ouverture du lien ou enregistrement). La case "Toujours effectuer cette action pour ce type de fichier" est toujours grise, et je comptais sur lui pour me permettre de la dé-griser (de garder en mémoire l'action a entreprendre en fonction du type de fichier).
  • Nice to have, handy! Good to have both the download bar and the download list in toolbar, good idea.
    I notice few glitches:
    - the text color of the d/l speed and estimated time in each download element does not respect the text color in settings.
    - the size of the download history window is not remembered, you have to re-size it every time.
    - when disabled gradients in settings, buttons still use gradients.
  • I got this because my downloads would interrupt and have to be restarted from the beginning. This does that too. What is this supposed to do that is special? What does this add?
  • Probably not the Downloader I was looking for that actually replaces the default one because it has nothing special to it. It doesnt replace the default download box with an option to rename the file or change the position to download before doing it and just shows that file is downloading. Doesnt pauses the file and instead crashes the file. The software is just bloatware I assume because it doesnt act it is an advanced Downloader like IDM or ant downloader or free downloader has. I dont know why mozilla team recommends this extension when it does what the default does without any hesitation. Plus for every download that happens, instead of showing in the extension dialog box, it opens a new tab and asks us to see that download is happening here. Just too painful and useless. I think dev is looking into what i am saying otherwise he can keep it this way ignoring a way old user of mozilla.