597 reviews
  • This extension was fine until Firefox version 70.0 where it soesn't show the download progress bar.
  • Doesn't work with baidu
  • very poor user experience. It doesn't do what you would expect
  • Una aplicación que funciona de 10,Gracias por compartirla
  • The best.
  • Download Statusbar is back! Perfect.
  • ¡Excelente extensión! La he usado durante varios años con los mejores resultados.
  • It works well, but just now it tried to load a tab leading to "http://discount.s3blog.org/addon.html", which is a tad suspicious. It was blocked by uBlock Origin, saying that it's a "Badware" site.
  • Problem: When a download fails for some reason, and You re-download, the download simply disappear in the download list???
  • From the same developer that have made the award winning Worldwide Radio (which i cant live without) and Forecastfox.