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  • It does not work with Google's reCAPTCHAs, the unique type of CAPTCHA I actually hate.
    The CAPTCHAs it is capable of solving are not bothersome to me, so I don't think I'll keep it installed on my browser.
    That being said, I might reinstall this addon once it can solve Google's reCAPTCHAs as well.
  • nice tool
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  • gud
  • 11111111111111111111
  • Não funciona. No Work
  • Всё отлично! Но сделайте пожалуйста версию для нового firefox.
  • Esta extensión es inútil para mí, y no me sirve de nada, ya que me dice que este complemento (bypass CAPTCHA) no es compatible con mi versión de Firefox, y no me da ninguna otra alternativa para eliminar los molestos CAPTCHAs
    E-mail: info@inmarcos-lex.com
  • great extension
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  • Coba dulu
  • awesome
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  • AntiCaptcha is much cheaper and does the same.
  • Unlock
  • I really like. I want to buy a lot of loans. Can you communicate with me? Please!
  • hello.
    for some reason i refreshed my firefox setting.
    and then reinstall your addon.
    but when i entered my sign-in info it redirect me to your website (Skipinput.com) and show me my account but when i return to the addon page i didn't see my account and credits that i had befor.
    in fact i didn't sign in in to my Rumola account using addon.
    i just signed in to my account using your website.
    please help me to solve this problem.
    also i suggest to add a hot key to send captcha manually.
    because some websites disable the context menu in their web forms.
    also in some web forms it don't detect any captcha, while i ensured that the for has captcha in it.
    i inform you using email that you provided for reporting bugs.
    please inform me that my problem has been solved?
    i hope better future for your work.
    thanks befor.
    best regards.
  • Y todavia solo te dan 5 creditos y quieren que se compre mas.
  • This service, ~ A Service, which you pay for. IF your looking for something that's free, your not going to find it here. Actual employees are filling in the captchas for you. These employees get a wage! That wage is paid by charging a price per solved captcha.

    The service itself is FANTASTIC! Works perfect. So you must decide if the price is worth it to you! If your a spammer, then the cost probably is not worth it to you. If your blind, nearly blind (like my Aunt who I installed this for) or just annoyed with captchas on pages and are willing to wait for someone else to fill it in for you.. then it's worth it!
  • Не работает!!!
  • Used all 5 of my "trial credits" when i loaded in to my facebook page (that doesn't even have a captcha. Then when i went to use it, tried to charge me for credit after it didn't work the first time.

    Worst app ever.
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