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  • Fantastic!!!!

  • Не работает в F59.02.

  • nota 10

  • I've been using this incredible extension for SO MANY YEARS now!
    Please RsCcman, update it to Quantum! Don't let this extension die! :(

  • I loved the extension, after enabling extensions.fasterfox.enhancedPrefetching in about:config I noticed an incredible speed bump, it's amazing. Is there a chance you can port this to Quantum or it'll die just like ClassicThemeRestorer, RsCcman?

    Please, consider porting it to Firefox Quantum. Right now, there's no way to use FasterFox with Firefox 57 or 58 :(

  • pas compatible avec qantum

  • Kenne ich noch von damals.
    Allerdings bin ich mir sicher das man diese Erweiterung bei aktuellem Browser verbessern kann.
    Dies würde ich mir Wünschen!

  • Good

  • c le jour et la nuit .avant Mozilla il etait trep lent (3 minute a ouvrire une page) mai depuis que j'ai installer fasterfox. mon Mozilla et devenues 10 fois plus rapide que avant . (avant 4L, apres l'avoir installer c une ferrari)

  • Great add-on! Many thx.

  • please support the 57.0b3 thanks !!!

  • Using it for years already, can't live without it :D

  • I installed it in Firefox 52 ESR and noticed immediately quite a difference in performance. Well done!

    Since you do not permit forks, would you consider adding support for Pale Moon (or making a port)? I would love to see the performance enhancements over there, too.

    It's not clear to me also that this will install in Fx ≥ 57 because Mozilla is deprecating XUL support, and in fact I believe is going to remove the ability to install full add-ons in lieu of Web Extensions.

  • Simplemente es una de las extensiones que no me pueden faltar y cumple verdaderamente con lo que promete.
    Lo que se podría mejorar sería su compatibilidad con el multiproceso.

  • Look forward to an update for FF 57.

    Developer response

    its legacy'ed so any FF can use it =)

  • Good

  • Okkk

  • This addon hasn't been updated for 3 years. It still has that ugly icon, still using the legacy status bar and is not compatible with multiprocess.

    Developer response

    If it ain't broke don't fix it, the icon is cosmetic and can be removed anytime by the user

  • I really notice an increase in speed when I select the Turbo setting. But sometimes Firefox will not respond.

  • Si acelera un poco mas el navegador

  • ...spürbar schneller, aber nicht immer Zuverlässig.

  • The addon definitely speeds up Firefox and Pale Moon on some sites. However, not all pages load faster. Many webpages will load even slower, and I suspect it's because of lack of pipelining support on some sites.

  • Installed Fasterfox several times over the years and have never noticed a significant increase in speed. I'm of the belief that having too many add-ons only slows down your computer in the long run and whatever boost or performance this extension may give, it's negligible.

    Developer response

    this addon changes how firefox connects to websites using http connects, so instead of say 1 computer connection to a website you could connect multiple connections at once to speed up connections, you will see this mostly on videos or on downloads

  • It does what it claims to do.

  • Fasterfox is my favorite by far of of the add-ons for Firefox that help speed it up. Pages load faster, the system works more smoothly. I see no downsides thus far, highly recommend it to most anyone, especially those with older computers, which are very difficult to get to move faster around the Web.