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OK, I understand.
Is it possible to add some checkbox to Options that will enable/disable left & middle clicks to prevent problems for non windows/linx users?
My previous review:
Particularly, I feel the difference and timer allows to measure the load time.
But I have one small proposal:
Currently the right click popups a menu with 3 menuitems:
Options, Hide Timer and Clear Cache.
Is it possible to call Clear Cache with left click and Options - with Middle click?

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would require a whole new set of stuff for me to program, click box's click area ect ect, you can actually made it change everything if you really wanted to

hide timer you can turn off in settings of the 'option' and to remove fasterfox icon you just take it off the custom toolbar
to clear cache its a keyboard configure

i looked further into this, the way i have it programed i would require to rewrite whole bunch just to get the option to do this menu