Some bugs when transferring from Smart Bookmarks bar to Roomy bookmarks bar Rated 5 out of 5 stars

It's great that at least there's one bookmarks bar with icons that seems to function with Firefox 20.0. This review is interesting especially for people who recenty upgraded to Firefox 20.0, deactivated the Smart Bookmarks bar, and installed the Roomy Bookmarks bar instead.

Tip for upgraders: when replacing the 'smart bookmarks' bar to this 'roomy bookmarks bar' you still will have to click each and every bookmark to get the icons back in view.

Next to that, the "hide names of the bookmarks" feature doesn't work. The names still keep popping up / expand when I hoover over the bookmark with my cursor/mouse (even after deselecting it in the addon preference menu and restarting the browser for a couple of times).
At the end of each row there are bookmarks which I can't click, because they keep moving on to the next row and back when I hoover over the bookmark.
Solution: Just found out how to fix this: 1) hoover your mouse to one of the icons, 2) rightclick your mouse, 3) a menu pops up, click on 'Smartest Bookmark options', 4) de-select 'show names on mouse over

The "hide toolbar" option would be a great feature in the Roomy Bookmarks bar, in the Smart Bookmarks bar that wasn't possible (as far as I know), so my screen sometimes was a bit 'eaten' by all my bookmarks.
Unfortunately I couldn't get the "hide toolbar" option to function as well. So I thankfully added this feature by installing an addon another reviewer (Rico Tux) recommended:Ò

So, with these changes, actually the usability has upgraded. Here's a happy bookmarker! :-)

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

Uncheck "Show bookmarks name oh mouse over"
In some week will new ver. With fix.
And write for test to me: