Efficiency Squared Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I use Firefox on several computers and Roomy is always the first add-on I install. Roomy is clean, simple and easily customizable. Instead of navigating the sinuous network of drop-down menu options, I use Roomy to effortlessly create folders right on the top of my screen where I can easily navigate to my favorite bookmarks. I keep my multiple email accounts in one folder, news sources in another, while also keeping work and entertainment in additional folders. It is easy to open the entire contents of a folder in multiple tabs with one click. I even keep a wish list folder for items I plan to purchase in the future, making it easy to find the exact merchandise I was considering previously, making Roomy a valuable tool for shopping and research. Many sites have their own flavicon making it easy to visually find what I want, quickly. Adding a bookmark is as easy as dragging the tab to the Roomy bar and letting it go. Folders and individual bookmarks are easily deleted when you are done with them. This add on makes everyday surfing more efficient and enjoyable.

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