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  • within the trial period roboform keeps popping up with the message how much days free trial left. After the free trial roboform keeps popping up that trial period is over. Well ok trial period is over and i only use if at all roboform with basic settings. Programm is annoying and doesn't add anything to remembering passwords. Just write them down in a word doc is as useful as roboform is
  • Re-enable extension for Roboform 7 by going to https://addons.mozilla.org/en-GB/firefox/addon/roboform/versions/
    clicking Remove, then next to click Add, then disable automatic updates for Roboform at about:addons
  • This money grubbing company used an update of this add-on to disable key functionality for older versions of RoboForm which I bought in good faith. The newest version of the software is a vastly different product than the one I bought (twice). I do not want the new product and I will not buy it.
    Siber Systems is making KeePass look better every day!
  • Works perfect for password.
  • ff does not recognize Roboform after repeated attempts