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  • I have been using RoboForm Password Manager for over 15 years and find it the best way to protect and manage my passwords. Some great features:

    On iPad Roboform has its own browser after login. It gives me great satisfaction to know that I can use this browser while traveling and have my information totally secure.

    Part of the security is the feature that lists the passwords that could have security problems. RoboForm has a password generator that will create a very secure password.

    Another aspect that is very important to me is the feature "Safenotes" where I store information about other logins issues needed to be remembered.

    In summary RoboForm Password Manager allows me to not have to hassle about all my passwords and I can use many of its features to keep all my password information secure. Thank you
  • easy to use works like clockwork.
  • never fails me
  • I am a long time user of Roboform and find it the best of all the password managers. I use it on an iMac and also on iPad and iPhone - syncing seamlessly between them all.
  • It has malicious tendencies, for example it changes Firefox settings, and overrides user choices. One thing I can't get around with this addon is that it disables the built-in login manager completely on every start. I don't recommend using it, who knows what else it modifies.
  • great product... top of the line in this industry niche
  • I'm trying to get Roboform on my computer, and I get an error message saying something like "Unable to install Roboform". Very frustrating!!! Can anyone help me??
  • Been loyal to Roboform throughout the ups-and-downs. Incredibly useful add-on that was way before it's time when I first started using it. I really miss being able to Ctrl and - to auto-select "no" on laundry lists of yes/no radio buttons on registration pages and survey sites. It may still exist...but I haven't figured it out.

    Only complaint is the fact that Roboform just LOVES to prompt you with YES/NO pop-up windows, which drives me nuts. Just select my most used login already, damnit! Stop giving new windows and making me re-click the active window!
  • Slow
    Misses changes in passwords
  • Used for many years, excellent program
  • I like it for filling forms.
  • it is great but I wish I could see my master password while typing, this should be an option it is a pain when I have to it half a dozen times because I mistake one letter, it is soo anoying
  • It does not work as well as it did for me 2, 3, 4 years ago.
  • safe a lot off time
  • I have RoboForm installed on all my laptops, tablets & on my smartphone. The FireFox add-on syncs all your passwords in the folders you have organized them in, within seconds. It is the easiest way I have found to have virtually instant access to all the websites & firms etc I am registered with. I highly recommend this add-on, which I have been using for many years without any problems at all.
  • Because it's just GREAT!!
  • It doesn't work with InPrivate browsing, gives the following error message:

    Can not load extension
    Error: TypeError: zqj(...) is null
  • I have used this program for years. It saves me time by eliminating the annoying steps of entering my information time and again. I LOVE it!
  • great!
  • Best password and idendity manager on the market.
  • Excellent. Simple to use, easy to learn all of the functions and stores my passwords safely without me having to remember them or leave sticky notes all over my desktop!
  • Works great. I've used it for YEARS.
  • I have been using Robofrorm since Widows 95 and now can't use my computer with out it. fortunately it works. I love it. I have seen complaints that people can't transfer from one computer to another, and yet, that is an automatic feature. Also I read that it does not work with Linux, again, people can't seem to read instructions. It is browser dependent. I use it with firefox on Linux. It works fine.
  • I've been using Roboform for about 10 years, its the best.
  • It does what it is supposed to, without fuss.
    When it doesn't work as expected, it is usually because the web site owners have changed their site and changed the names of fields.