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  • Been here since the beggining almost
  • Although it always takes some days/weeks to adopt to ever new changes from browser-updates it is the best password solutions since years! Couldn't live without it!
  • It is great
  • I find Roboform to be useful in filling in data for me - not just paswords. As I use different browsers I don't want to use a device or browser specific password manager and so Roboform fits the bill. Having the local or online options is very powerfl.
  • reliable and helpful timesaver
  • Piece of junk. I finished altering my RoboForm password while someone was banging on my door. The visitor was from UPS and spent time talking to me. When I got back to my PC I realized I didn't write it down. I couldn't remember it after 5 weeks. A phone call to tech support resulted in an assist of "too bad". Most password protected applications have developed methods to help you get back on track. I've been using their package for a very long time. That didn't matter - I was Out of Luck.