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  • A couple of years I'm totally satisfied.
  • You might as well admit you have no real support. You ask for an email to get a verification, and it takes forever to arrive, if it arrives at all. I bought a new computer and cannot recover my account. I have paid my annual subscription fee and have no roboform. thanks. you have my emails and telephone number. if you give a damn, contact me.
  • Разработчикам стало наплевать на пользователей FireFox под Linux, в приложение уже давно не удается залогиниться
  • Outstanding time saver. Easy to use, Efficient. Easy to look things up. The only problem is that
    firefox keeps making it harder and harder to use.
  • Don't know whether I'm reviewing Roboform or myself, but I can't get the program to let me sign in ONCE to add password—I have to log into Roboform EVERY TIME I want to make an addition. I'm THIS CLOSE to deleting it because all it really does is interrupt my workflow.
  • It works but not user friendly and not well thought through
  • Ignore all of the 1-4 star reviews, I have never had a problem with this app. Customer service responds right away with any concerns. This is a 5 star application and I have been using it for 6+ years.
  • I have been using roboform for about 6 yrs and I love it!
  • Again, Not adding new passwords. Existing passwords great.
  • works great 6 year user.
  • Works well, just a couple of things I don't like about it. 1) Way too many updates, seems like every other or every 2 days there is another update. 2) It hijacks your browser's ability to save passwords (Chrome and Firefox). 3) Safari (Mac) no longer supports this add on.
  • I have used RoboForm for years.
    This is the best!!!
  • This is the best tool you will ever use on the Internet. i have dozens of websites i visit in the course of my work. I cannot possibly remember the unique user names and passwords for each. RoboForm does so for me and it is encrypted. Have not had a password hacked in over 10 years now. It is not freeware but it is inexpensive and well worth the cost. There is a free version but is a limited number of websites that you can store your credentials.
  • I wish it didn't keep asking for a password it already has.
  • I have been using Roboform everywhere for years. I love it! Never fails me as my passwords are always there when I need them the most.
  • For the most part, Roboform is automatic, and securely does exactly as you would want it to. Most, if not all, of the difficulties I've had were due to user error.
  • It has lost many of it's features that made it indispensable. To start off the toolbar doesn't work with all the browsers it once did. If I'm mistaken please tell me and give me a step by step instruction to get the Roboform toolbar
  • Great for disable people
  • It's the only one I've used for well over five years now. It's saved my butt so many times when my computer crashed or I needed to have a password. I keep it on my phone too. It's the best for me.
  • Great program and great support
  • very Helpfull
  • problems reinstalling roboform after update. Instructions from Roboform are very poor. This is a chronic problem with every update.
  • Cannot add extension to Firefox.....
  • From many year the best and secure psw manager.
  • I have had this manager for better then five years now and the only trouble I have had is with the master password. write that password down and put it away so as never forget it. You can not get that password back once lost and if lost you loss all your passwords period.