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487 reviews for this add-on
  • It works with ease and I don't have to write down my 500 passwords....

  • Great password most of the time. However there are some glitches, like when it doesn't recognize fields to be filled in (usually the logon and password). But, fortunately this is not the norm. Also, would like the ability to combine or link multiple names for the same website. Would also like to be able to print the complete list of passwords, or back it up (with a password) where it can easily be recovered in the case of a crash. Come on guys...look at the suggestions (all of them) and include some updates/upgrades in the app. I would like to award that final star.

  • I have used RoboForm for years & love it!

  • my experience is very new to ROBOform, so far it looks very easy and i like Easy...

  • It's the best! I've been using it for years now and can't imagine not having the syncing capability with my phone and laptop. Thank you.

  • easy to use

  • It is really the PWM, if have ever had on my PC´s, it is a "wow!"

  • Remembers passwords

  • Been using this for a long time... Just found out how to get the toolbar in the new Firefox!

  • the best saves all my info and log ins and can access it from anywhere even makes up passwords for me and saves them where ever i go i can always get my log ins

  • Merci

  • Everything is one place. Easy to use.

  • Great

  • it delivers and really help, with my requirement of using signon at multiple locations

  • Safer than browser form fillers and can add to your cell phone or laptops or tablets. I've used it since it first came out ages ago. I wouldn't survive without it specially now that passwords need to be longer and more complicated. I've not comes across anything as good.


  • Love it

  • I have been using Roboform for years and would be lost without it. It generates the PW's and fills them in and if you fill out your personal info it will fill in all of the forms that we get. I have never had a problem and have managed to find Roboform on-line cheaper than at the site. Always a good thing. You can print out all the pw's for extra protection. I use Firefox and you just have to adjust...but it is a pain because I loved the old method.

  • Will report later if required following using the Firefox extension

  • RoboForm was appearing to bog down Firefox so much that pages would become stuck, I eventually had to disable it. I'm going to try Roboform again with its new release.

  • Lets me access passwords from any of my computers. So handy!

  • Had it installed for years and it's always worked so well

  • I have tried for days to install Roboform and keep it on my computer. It disapears and when needed I have a icon but no program.

    I have used this program for years and now it is nothing but trouble.

  • downloaded roboform tried to sign in can never get past e-mail address enter address then when i try to put in password it just disappearsand i have to start again but the same thing happens again this has happened again and again

  • Пользуюсь много лет, и на компьютере и на смартфоне. Всё устраивает. Генератор паролей можно доработать.