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  • lolwut

  • This is really cute little theme, has all the different road signs; just too bad there's not a version for FF3, of course. There are so many cute & slick-looking themes out there that can't be used if we have FF3.........sad.

  • I miss this theme so much... please make one for FF 3! :'(

  • I love this theme; please update it for firefox 3

  • I also love this theme, and also miss it - Please update for Firefox 3!

  • i miss this theme. please update for firefox 3

  • i miss this theme. please update for firefox 3

  • I really really like this theme, first because it just looks simple and cool, plus I'm a roadworker. Please update for firefox 3, I miss this theme a lot.

  • https://addons.mozilla.org/zh-CN/firefox/addon/8838

  • lost: If I give you new theme base on road-sign 0.2.8 for after firefox 3 .Can I upload??

  • I used this theme everyday with FF 2.0 and miss it. Please update it for 3.0 so I can continue to live!!

  • Man, please update for FF3. Just love this theme!

  • Please update this. Every time you "improve" Firefox we seem to lose something.

  • I am an auto collector and this was the GREATEST! I am SOOOOOO disappointed that I cannot use this theme with 3.0 Firefox.

    PLEASE update it to be compatible.

  • +1 on BillC! I just upgraded my Firefox to 3.0 and am very disappointed that I can't use this theme anymore. Please consider upgrading it! Thanks!

  • Love the theme, but it is not compatible with Firefox Hope to see an update soon.

  • This should not be posted under "Thunderbird Add-ons". It is not compatible.

  • Hello!

    I love this theme! I have been using it since I started using firefox and wouldn't dream of using any other. However, I'm trying to learn how to make / tweak themes. I was wondering, humbly, if I could have your permission to use this theme as a foundation?

  • As in previous posts by others, I was sad to see that this outstanding theme doesn't work with Version 3.0. I liked its clean design and functionality. There is a theme using the road sign concept (Traffic Fox) that is compatible with 3.0 but it doesn't compare to this one.

  • I really enjoy the theme (it is very colorful), and was bummed when I found it was not compatible with Firefox3. Hopefully, it will be soon (or make the update list).

  • I too, have been using this them almost since day one. I was dismayed when I upgraded to FF 3 to see it NOT supported. If no other theme makes it to the update list, this one should be.

  • Just wish the developer would update it for use on Firefox V3.

    Although the current version (sorta) works on FF V3 you lose the scroll bars. so if the developer does get to see this - please get your finger out and update it for FF V3.

  • I have been using this theme almost since day 1 on Firefox. It looks sharp and clean, and makes my page look great.

  • Clean and concise. It appeals to me and I use it. Thanks.

  • The word Superb just jumped to my mind when I found this theme. The icons are clear and easily learned. The theme is crisp and the colors are neat.

    I wish I'd thought of something like this. The whole thing is just elegant.