Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Thanks for your add-on.
It really puts the menu bar back to the top above the tabs where it should really be - combining with your IgnoreAero theme works fine.

It's sad that this happens on Vista and 7 because on other systems like Linux and WinXP the menu bar continues on top, thus requiring this add-on on Aero OSes.

I'm giving this add-on 3 stars because despite wanting the menu bar above the tabs, I still want the mail bar to be INSIDE the tabs.

To do so, I'll have to use the userChrome.css tweak posted here


combined with your IgnoreAero theme.

Can you consider doing an alternate add-on for those of us that want the menu bar above tabs, but the mail bar inside the tabs?

This review is for a previous version of the add-on ( 

I'm assuming mail bar = main toolbar. If that is wrong, the next stuff probably doesn't make sense :P

As you pointed out, there is a way to do a userchrome.css hack for the menubar to go above the tabs. So there is no need for an add-on.
However, it is not possible to move the main toolbar above the tabs, to the place it was located in previous Thunderbird versions. This is only possible with an add-on, so I wrote Rise of the Tools.

I really don't understand your question, as there is a solution for your problem?
Also, I don't understand why you rate an add-on 3 stars for it doing exactly what it should do? That's not a way to get me motivated to help you with a completely different issue (which I don't completely understand), it's more a way to get me motivated to ignore your request. It sounds for me a bit like you try to force me to do something.

BTW: I probably repeat myself too often, but the rating feature is not for requests. That's why I set up a support e-mail address.