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  • C'est un des modules qu'il faut avoir avec Thunderbird et Firefox.
    En tout cas il fonctionne encore avec Thunderbird et c'est tant mieux.
    Merci aux dévelopeur.ses!

    One of the must have modules for Mozilla's stuff. Fortunately, still operative with Thunderbird.


  • The developer, Polarcloud, posted this information on their website (https://www.polarcloud.com/getrcx/)

    Alternatives to rikaichan that work with Firefox 57+ (Quantum):


  • good

  • Please update to Quantum, your plugin is so usefull <3

  • Same comments as all the others. If you bring this to Quantum, I will dedicate a shrine to you.

    The shrine might be made of Pocky, and might just be on my desk.

  • This needs an update to Firefox Quantum: badly. I've been trying to use Yomichan, but it's either buggy or slow or both, I can't figure out. The setup is also a pain, and it's not nearly as customizable. Please please please make the trusty Rikaichan work for FF quantum.

  • Echoing the sentiments of the previous comments. The quality of my work/life is demonstrably worsened because rikaichan doesn't work with the new Firefox. I have been using this wonderful add-on for years so please give us an update so that the years of joy can continue!

  • This is add-on is amazing, and it always has been. I have used it through my long journey of studying Japanese. However, it DOES NOT WORK in Firefox Quantum at all, and I have found no working alternatives for this version of Firefox. Please, original creator, if you're still out there, I beg you: make it work again. I'm not going to be one of those types of people who suddenly give you 1 star reviews just to get you pissed in the hopes that you fix it. I'm going to do the opposite and I encourage everyone else to do the same: Leave your 5 star review and make this add-on work again!

  • Updating for compatibility with Quantum would be appreciated. Great app while it was being used prior to Quantum.

  • This has been my dictionary of choice for over 8 years. PLEASE UPDATE to work with the new Firefox!

  • Indispensable. Please make it compatible with Firefox 57.0 !

  • This add-in is marvelous. But, it's not compatible with Firefox Quantum 57.0 recently. Please fix that!

  • Incredibly useful

  • super

  • It's been a pleasure to use rikaichan on a daily basis. Too bad it's not supported on Firefox Quantum as I relied on it a lot. I hope rikaichan to be available once again in the near future. I'm sticking with other alternatives for now.

  • Indispensable for the Japanese learner. Unfortunately does not work for Firefox Quantum.

  • In the Firefox Quantum browser i cannot install Rikaichan. Please support it.

  • Hi FFJon, Rikaichan is an indispensable tool for quite a few users; may I ask, will you be writing a webextensions version for FF57+, or is that just too much work?? It would be sorely missed if that's the case, so I hope you are able to find some time to write a webextensions version! Thank you regardless for this tremendous tool, a boon for the multilingual inclined amongst us.

  • Thanks, very good program! It is very helpful for me in e-mail communication with Japanese.
    I prefer the Mozilla Thunderbird only because it allows to use Rikaichan. But new versions of this mail agent not support Rikaichan, it was a problem for me. I had to search and install old version...
    I think, updating would be good idea )
    And expansion in Opera and Google Chrome too... Many users in Russia not very like browser Mozilla. But Rikaikun in Opera and Chrome don't have Russian dictionaries. I'm suffering from it.

    !!! But popup window really almost always hides the text being read, it is misery and irritating, pleeeease, fix it (シ_ _)シ

  • Good program and mostly does what it should do. The only downside is that you can't leave sticky mode since the last update which is pretty annoying.

  • I still have proplem with the placement of the popup. The popup is hovering over, the text is hidden so it's a bit unconfortable for reading. Please advise me if there is a way to fix this, I really need Rikaichan on my PC back to normal.

  • I love the app. been using it for three years.

    No longer able to read .txt files

    Please fix.

    Love pizza

  • Rikaichan is great, but recently something has changed. I have a set of UTF-8 txt files which can be read normally on version 2.09.1 and the lookup pop-up works fine, but now after upgrading to 3.02, the pop-up is not working at all. It's the same set of files each time, and web pages are working fine, just txt files are a problem.

  • I had the same problem as the 3.00 reviews below, but it's now been fixed and back to being great.

  • The window simply doesn't appear anymore on OS X.