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  • This is great! I used to use rikaichan but I've been having technical troubles with it. This is so simple!
  • This is excellent. Fast and easy.
    What I want is the 'top-level display' of translation/analysis only. Not including atomic or subatomic breakdown of components of highlighted items. Not that comprehensive analyses are useless. Usually, I want a quick translation. I have kanji options OFF. Still, pop-ups often take so much space that I cannot access the top-level display.
    Not in the developer's purview. Abbreviations, say of government agencies and such, need the full expansion of names, like 'ABC' -> 'Absurdly Big Company' in the top-level display. I know dictionary compilation is done by others.
    Thank you very much for your feedback. I'm not sure I understand exactly what is included in the top-level display.

    Would you mind to either file an issue at https://github.com/birtles/rikaichamp/issues or send a message on twitter (@rikaichamp) or email (birtles@gmail.com). Thank you!
    Thank you! 😍
  • I use this all the time! I am (for the first time) having a problem: on www.orangepage.net, the popup window shrinks and turns transparent and thus unreadable. Is there anything I can do to make it look like usual?
    Thank you! I will try to fix the orangepage issue. You can follow the progress here if you like: https://github.com/birtles/rikaichamp/issues/144
  • The application is great, but recently I have been having some major problems with the fonts. The English translation is shown in different fonts, on different pages. It is very disturbing... I tried to reinstall the add three times, I reinstalled Firefox as well two times, the same problem...
    I do not know if someone will read this, but I pray to God someone would help me..
    It is a great aplication, saved my life., but the different fonts are killing me, as it is more difficult to concentrate.
    Please, help!
    I'm really sorry to hear about the problems you are having! Can you either (a) message me on twitter at @rikaichamp, (b) file an issue on GitHub at https://github.com/birtles/rikaichamp/issues, or (c) email me at birtles@gmail.com with some details of the problem you are having?

    I have an idea that might fix this but I have not heard anyone else having this problem so I would like to find out more about what causes it.
  • I'm trying to learn japanese so this extension helps me greatly when translating stuff!
    I'm so glad to hear it helps! Thank you!
  • Great. But would be even better if it was also providing romaji version of the readings
    You can turn on romaji from the options page. Just tick "Show romaji".
  • Fast and lots of options
  • Bien, mais seulement en anglais.
    Goog, but only in English.
    Thanks. I'm working on adding other language support now.
  • It works as smoothly and as responsively like the Chrome extension.