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  • The application is great, but recently I have been having some major problems with the fonts. The English translation is shown in different fonts, on different pages. It is very disturbing... I tried to reinstall the add three times, I reinstalled Firefox as well two times, the same problem...
    I do not know if someone will read this, but I pray to God someone would help me..
    It is a great aplication, saved my life., but the different fonts are killing me, as it is more difficult to concentrate.
    Please, help!
  • I'm trying to learn japanese so this extension helps me greatly when translating stuff!
  • Great. But would be even better if it was also providing romaji version of the readings
    You can turn on romaji from the options page. Just tick "Show romaji".
  • Fast and lots of options
  • Bien, mais seulement en anglais.
    Goog, but only in English.
    Thanks. I'm working on adding other language support now.
  • It works as smoothly and as responsively like the Chrome extension.
  • Would be perfect, if there was on option to show transcription in Romaji (Revised Hepburn) instead of Hiragana (like sadly abandoned Perapera Japanese). Some people use it for other reasons than learning the language.
    It's definitely on my list of features to add. I hope to get to it soon.
  • This is for me the perfect replacement for the old Rikaichan. My only wish is for a toggle in the preferences that would let me turn image ALT/TITLE attribute interpretation off.
    Great idea. I've filed https://github.com/birtles/rikaichamp/issues/104 for this feature. Please feel free to add comments there about the specific reason for wanting this.
  • Please excuse my pickiness as I know you're doing this for free, but if you could change it so that there's a tab (the spaces in the meaning sections are the same as the spaces between the word, reading, and meaning, so Anki sees a ton of useless fields) between the word, the reading, and the meaning sections (when you highlight a word, press c, e), that would make it possible to import from a text file into Anki the entire entry (if you use c, t, it works, but because the reading is formatted "あいうえお" and not "[あいうえお]", it's not usable by the japanese support add-on for Anki, which many people, including myself use).

    The reason I want that to work, is because the dictionary in Rikaichamp is likely more accurate for readings, which I can't realistically check in their entirety whenever I'm bulk adding words to a text file, and then Anki.
    Yeah, that's a totally reasonable request. Sorry for the delay. (I don't think I got email notification for this review somehow).

    Would it work to also just add the [] to the reading in the c, t, version? Feel free to follow-up either on the GitHub issue I created for this: https://github.com/birtles/rikaichamp/issues/97 or on twitter: @rikaichamp
  • this is a fucking brilliant add on, cheers to the creator. makes life 400 billion times easier as a pleb trying to study japanese. i use it a lot to read those simple NHK articles (a great resource for anyone who wants to regularly apply their japanese reading skills - https://www3.nhk.or.jp/news/easy/ ). thank you!