Missing "core" functionality is found. Rated 5 out of 5 stars

OK, I see it lacks some reviewers attention. I've been using it for some time and postponed with writing a rev.

At the beginning I was a bit skeptic - do I really need it? Is it really better then java-script options dialog (or fx JS policies)?
I do stumble on those dumb sites, witch mess up with your clicks or context menu, but very rarely - most webmasters really uses some brain or at least listens to their users. For sites of those who failed that I always used build-in protection and was satisfied from results (at worst case I still saw stupid alert but context menu showed). In fact I didn't fully realized I need it until I tried and become very happy with it's protection and can only confirm it's brilliance.

And then came v1.3 with a little gem - protection from JS alerts/prompts flood - those can be found usually on buggy sites or lame-joke sites. This gives a whole new reason to take interest in this extension.

I could never neither agree or understand why Mozilla guys so lightly let JS to have so much so much control over users input/UI - It's not really useful, it's abused by some people, and we're in the age when it's clearly obvious that not all web content is "friendly".
Maybe it's time to take some control back, especially when You have such excellent tools?


+ Extra mouse behavior protection - build-in is not enough and Fx JS policies are very poorly documented and unknown to common users.

+ Protects from flood of JS alerts and prompts!

+ It gives the functionality witch SHOULD be in "naked" Fx from the very beginning.

+ Protects You from "FAIL" when visiting lame joke-site with gay porn in background and flood of alerts ;)

- You probably won't need/can do without it 99% of the time

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3).