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  • I've tried other options (e.g. InstaClick and Mouseless Browsing) to help my browsing on a laptop, but this is without a doubt the most effective. Thanks!
  • Also try InstaClick at https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/6539. It opens links in new tabs with right-click. No configuration necessary.
  • It's GREAT. i almost ALWAYS want to open links in a new tab in the background. I also love 'tabs open relative' to open them next to the tab i'm in. one click in the status bar turns the facility off. GREAT!
  • for a better workflow. drawback: my right click context menu does not work anymore!
    there is a timeout function. why don t you make use of it? for example: pressing the right mouse button longer than 2 seconds cancels link opening and shows the context menu instead.
    See my reply here:
  • I really needed this add-on. (Stupid Logitech MX without a decent middle button) Thanks.
  • Not much to say - Right Links does what's claimed, with no obvious glitches. I usually prefer to see shortcuts and commands implemented via userscript. But for this one, its nice to have one-click 'disable' access in the status bar. And as someone who uses context menu-editing rather than keystrokes, I also like having 'copy' available despite the mod - simply highlight your selection, then pull the cursor back a bit for access to that option. Well done!
  • It works now, thanks!
  • Please make a FF 3.0 compatible version
  • works as advertised, nice extension