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  • Once you leave most default settings that are checked on the opening 'Options' page unchecked, this is great to have a link open in a new and focused tab.Great extension!
  • Very useful been using it for long time. Please keep updating it for the newer FF versions
  • Must have ! Must use ! Too many customization !! really great great tools !
  • Seriously, I could not have done without this addon. Saving me a click every time I open a new tab. I recommend it to anyone with a laptop. You may also find this useful: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/5610/
  • Something I have been looking for since the day I started using the computer! Its so simple, and takes away two steps! This add-on should be more widely known! I would donate if there was an option!
  • Seriously great addon!! Works great for my laptop!!
  • great tool, I use it all the time.
    But a very annoying behavior for me, when you close the new opened tab, it doesn't return back to the from tab, but to the first tab on the left. That's the only problem for me for this fantastic tool. Thanks and congrats :)
    But you can change this behavior with other extensions:
    LastTab (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/112/)
    Tabberwocky (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addon/14439/)
  • I hope it could show context menu when right click on selectd text of a link.
  • Замечательное дополнение! Гораздо удобнее кликать правой кнопкой вместо Ctrl+ЛКМ чтобы открыть ссылку в новой вкладке. Плюс к тому сразу в новой вкладке открываются ссылки из избранного и из текста без тегов. Давно хотел такую фичу.

    И вот прошло 9 лет.... Дополнение снова заработало, чему я очень рад. Не рад только двум вещам - не работает на закладках (ну да ладно, я прочитал, что это ограничение самого файрфокса). Но ещё почему-то не работает на значках "комментарии" на kommersant.ru! При этом похожее дополнение Right Click Opens Link New Tab Correct Order на них работает!
  • I find this an extremely useful add on and I think it should be a Firefox recommended add on. So convenient and makes web surfing faster.
  • The only problem I found with this is, when I right-click on bookmarks tab (to edit links or link names, etc.) they open in new tab. So if there is a way of modifying the behavior for non-page-URL links, would be great.
    See "Handle clicks on bookmarks" and "Handle clicks on history items" checkboxes in context menu of Right Links icon in Status Bar (item in Tools menu and toolbar button has same context menu).
    Or you can wait 0.5 second for see context menu (extensions.rightlinks.showContextMenuTimeout preference in about:config).
    And third way - use right-click with any modifier (e.g. shift + right-click).
  • Very useful.
  • great but why not just ctrl + left click?
  • Simply super addon for my lappie but 1 thing i really find annoying is that when i right click on a link it also opens the context menu. Or am i missing , If yes plz tell me way out and if not plz fix this bug bcoz i will not be able to live without it now :)
    Well, I can't reproduce this bug, but I try change method of context menu handling.
    Please try version https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/addons/versions/5981#version-
  • Its nice but it doesn't work well with sites like deviantart where right clicking on the enlarged image to save it just makes it shrink back down and one has to disable this in order to save something. Otherwise good.
    The bug with wrong context menu fixed in version
    In corrected version you can wait 0.5 sec (by default) for see context menu or (in all versions) hold any modifier (like Ctrl) to temporary disable Right Links.
  • YES! The best addon for firefox for laptop !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Use F2 to poweron this addons. Very good work ever!
  • I LOVE this extension and use it every day. Think how many clicks you're saving when you're viewing search results (and you can switch modes with F2 if you really need the menu)
  • I LOVE this extension and use it every day. Think how many clicks you're saving when you're viewing search results (and you can switch modes with F2 if you really need the menu)
  • Essential.
  • It just the add-on is necessary for me.
  • Very convinient! I can not change my brouser for Firefox 3.5 until this addon adjust to Firefox 3.5.
    Right Links already supports Firefox 3.5 and nightly builds of Firefox 3.6a1pre.
    Please try check for updates (for install compatibility update) or reinstall it (browser must be online).
  • Excelent. It's a must if you use your notebook touchpad.
  • oops. just found the toolbar button! THANK YOU!
  • Just what I needed. excellent for searching through forum threads, opening links in new tabs. F2 switch is ok, but I´d like to have also a toggle on/off toolbar button, like the ones provided in toolbar buttons as toggle javascript, toggle image loading etc...
  • awesome. makes for quick browsing.