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  • Excellent
  • Das Tool funktioniert perfekt und ist schnell.

    Ich habe noch nicht ganz verstanden, warum es in meinem Browser lebt, aber wenn ich es brauche, ist es mir die Aktivierung und den leider notwendigen Firefox-Neustart wert.

    Toll wäre natürlich eine RESTARTLESS VERSION, hint,hint.
    > Toll wäre natürlich eine RESTARTLESS VERSION, hint,hint.

    Daran, und an weiteren Features wird bereits unter https://github.com/SebastianZ/TRex gearbeitet. :-)
  • The Regular Expressions Tester is one of my day to day Tools for software development. It helps you to figure out the correct syntax of your expression and to see the result that can be expected.
    It helped me in many cases to solve different problems and improve my regular expressions.
    Thank you for this Tool
  • Regular Expressions Tester is a fantastic add-on! It's on my short list of essential Firefox add-ons. The ability to check data as you type it is pure gold. It's also nice and compact. I also like that its highlights that parts that match. I've tried other regex apps and none of them are as good
  • Great add-on. The only problem I see is if you want to add TAB characters in the search text box... would be nice to be able to use SHIFT+TAB or maybe provide a toolbar with these kinds of characters...

    There is a helping popup, which is available when you press Ctrl+Space after entering a backslash.
    In previous Firefox versions this was even shown automatically, though there's currently a bug avoiding it to do so.
  • Simple,but fast, smart & easy tool. Very good - it's have all what needs to faster create and testing regular expressions. Thanx!
  • simple, easy, fast, GOOD!
  • great in fx
  • Amazing thanks for update works like a charm under FF4.0b2@W7.
  • This version works on Windows XP SP3 without a problem and ... I still like and use it - Great work, Sebastian!
  • Doesn't work - but it used to. Right now it always shows "The entered string is not a regular expression!" no matter what you put in. It must not be compatible with the latest firefox updates.
    I guess you're using Mac OS? As mentioned at Marcel's comment, there's a bug with Java Embedding Plugin. Please try out the new version of RExT. If you're not using Mac OS, please update your Java Plugin. This should fix the problem. If not, please let me know.
  • opportunity for dev to create a new generation of RegEx powerusers to wield Karma Blocker ;)
  • A brilliantly useful tool for testing regular expressions.

    Some other reviews mention problems. Worked for me on Ubuntu 10 straight away.

    You can turn off automatic brackets in the options, if you find them confusing; other settings also available.

    Older versions also available to download if issues remain.
    I find it an indispensable tool
  • Does not work on Firefox 3.6.3 (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100401 Firefox/3.6.3) on Mac OS X 10.6.3 on Intel. Crazy
  • This very nice and useful extension appears to have been broken. :(

    No matter what regular expression is entered into the "Regular Expression" field the response is: "The entered string is not a regular expression!"

    Also the new auto bracket functionality suck ass. I HATE IT. Too many functions do not a good application make. Any chance of getting hold of a previous OLD version?

    This extension was one of the most use full ones in my development arsenal. Be nice to have it fixed.

    Broken with:
    Mac OS X Leopard - Firefox 3.5.9 - latest version of the extension.
    Due to a problem related to the Java Embedding Plugin under Mac OS in combination with LiveConnect interpreting the expressions using Java is not possible at the moment. Therefore I created a new version, that at least automatically falls back to JavaScript interpretation instead of showing that misleading message. For more info about this see http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=2999075&group_id=107955&atid=649116.

    What's the problem with bracket auto-completion? The current implementation is working like many IDE's. If that's a problem for you, simply disable the completion in the RExT settings.
  • quick'n'dirty 3.x fix here -> http://it-centralen.dk/ffext/regularexpressiontester/
    Thanks sjoller for your contribution!
    Though there is already a new version in sandbox (means, I uploaded a new version here, but the guys from Mozilla still need to check it).
    Should be out the next days. If you're impatient have a look here:
  • This works, but the way brackets behave is broken. It insists on always closing them for you, even though the closing bracket might be in the wrong place. This sort of helps if you're typing the expression from scratch, but becomes very annoying if you're editing an existing one. Thumbs down.
    Please update your version and let me know, if there's still a problem.
  • A suggestions though:
    I keep trying to edit the text in the Result box, so please combine the Search Text and Results text boxes into one. I.e. highlight the matching characters in the box where you enter the text to search, and remove the separate results box. Although I guess these need to be a separate result box if the "Replace by" option is used.
  • Works OK now (I think) the last version with auto brackets was a pain - didn't understand the escape sequence and insisted on putting in the closing bracket...
  • This is a must have tool for all serious developers. Excellent!
  • Excellent tool, well designed and light.
  • I agree with gd2shoe's review.... this would be great if it could do regex search on the page, integrated into the search bar that comes up with Ctrl+F. Another cool feature might be regex syntax highlighting like http://regexpal.com/ does.
  • this is an awesome tool, wtg! &huge thnx. there's only one thing i could ask. i know i'm a ditz &space and sometimes, okay more than sometimes, i even forget its there. i live through my 'art toolbar' and a tool bar button would make this a total must have extension. it is now, with the improvements already requested. with those and i button i'd have to blog about. its this or vi's search&replace; an awesome extension all the same! a must have for any web developer!
  • Good work, this extension could blossom into something wonderful. I would love to be able to search a web page by regx. As this extension stands, I can copy the contents of the page into the tester. The problem with this is that the result box does not scroll.

    If a scroll box is added there, this extension will help me tremendously. Ideally (some later version perhaps) being able to search the page itself from the search bar (ctrl+f, perhaps a check box) would be absolutely awesome.
  • Amazing Tool
    Thank you
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