93 reviews
  • Great for lost files
  • Great extension that does exactly what it needs to and handy to have for finding stuff that's been deleted.
  • Life-saver to conveniently retrieve an archived/cached version of an unavailable page. Free and open-source works great under Firefox 57+.
  • just works thanks
  • Great job dev! Thanks! Works exactly as advertised. The only feature I'd as for is maybe the ability to save sites for archiving, so that others have a better chance at resurrection! Thanks again!
  • Awesome add on!
  • like
  • The WebExtension often doesn't work: you need to click a button 5 times to make it open a new tab.
    Please, fix it :(
  • Changelog says: "Version 3 - Compatibility with multi-process Firefox." but there is no compatibility !
  • Do you plan to use WebExtensions in a future release?