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  • This add-on used to work well, and it did not seem to be causing an issues until last week. I noticed that the Google Hangouts/Chat sidebar within Gmail webmail was unable to open in Firefox, and disabling the add-on brought it back. So, reluctantly, I have had to permanently disable this add-on. Apparently it has not been updated in some time...
  • ..forgot just how ugly and non-intuitive the gmail compose window is..has been working on Pale Moon since the beginning until a few weeks ago and I am STILL struggling with the half-baked format..like leaveamessage says, at this point I'd be willing to PAY for an add-on that functioned the way Old Compose did..sad to see it go
  • Old Compose has been my friend since it was created. Those of us who are anti-Google have loved Old Compose and felt triumphant over a nasty corporate tyrant.

    I wish we knew what happened to the creators of Old Compose - I hope they're ok and hope they'll be back to update it soon.

    We need more Knights in Shining Armor to defeat the evils of corporate monsters like Google who delight in taking away whatever we find the most helpful and useful and replacing them with garbage.
  • Sadly, Old Compose no longer works. It hasn't been updated in almost a year and the developer's website domain seems to have expired.

    If anyone knows of a similar add on or solution I'd love to know. At this point I'd gladly PAY for an add on rather than continue working with Gmail's awful interface (and I already use a PAID business account, so shame on you Google).

    Anyway, I'm assuming most people have simply settled for the inferior Gmail product, but there was once demand for Old Compose, so maybe there's a market out there among this stubborn minority for anyone with the skills to create a New Old Compose.
  • UPDATE MARCH 15, 2016: As of today's update to Firefox 45.0 , Old compose does not function properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • UPDATE: It appeared initially that FireFox might have some effect on this -- however that isn't the case. The problems exist even with much older versions of FireFox. So, this is solely a Google/G-Mail issue.

    I agree with the people who ask for a new fix for this issue. G-Mail, in the new, user unfriendly format from two years ago now, is not an interface that works.

    ORIGINAL: This seems to be a G-Mail break, not a FireFox update issue. This add-on, while not updated for quite a long while, was still working just fine until G-Mail/Google broke the service yet again. And, regardless of using Old Compose, in general G-Mail isn't working right since this (non-)improvement of yesterday.

    Please, someone who has the correct skills, try to fix this or find a work-around and post it here, because G-Mail in the new style is really not a usable interface -- as all of us who used Old Compose already knew.
  • I have used Old Compose for the last couple of years and love it, except I have just discovered that it hides all of the tools needed to use the new functionality of attaching big files directly from Google Drive. I guess I will have to disable Old Compose anytime I need to make an attachment from G-Drive. Maybe the author can accomodate the G-Drive icons and tools?

    UPDATE MARCH 15, 2016: As of today's update to Firefox 45.0, Old Compose is no longer working at all. Clicking on the "Reply", "Forward", and "Compose" buttons causes a brief flash on the screen, but the compose window never opens. Will have to disable or delete this add-on if the author can't fix this latest incompatibility. Why does Firefox have to update so frickin' often, anyway? Every time I receive an update, it seems like one or another of the add-ons gets broken. It's really annoying!
  • Used to be great- made Gmail behave the way it did before Google messed it up. Unfortunately, now it is not working properly-- I have multiple Gmail accounts, and this add-on prevents logging in to any more than one account, total. I am disabling the add-on, in hopes that the developer might update the code, but not holding my breath.
  • A couple more bits of information:
    the home website for this addon, http://oldcompose.com,
    is not available at this time,
    and this addon seems to be necessary to make ItsAllText work in Gmail+Firefox 38.
    Maybe we need a kickstarter campaign to get the developers' attention to fix this useful tool.
  • Ooops! Take that back. Not it's NOT working. It works in some situations (e.g. composing a new email, or when you pop a reply into a new window), but not in others (e.g. a simple "reply")
  • Five stars for restoring sanity to Gmail for years. Sadly now keystrokes are going to /dev/null when the compose window has focus. How about a github repo where we can submit patches?
  • While this has worked perfectly for years, since 2015-05-13 it is broken (keys don't work with reply or reply to tall) and the developers don't answer mails.
  • I like this one a lot, but it won't let me access my Gmail CONTACTS. I have to disable this extension to see them. (Firefox 35.0.1, as of March 2015). Hopefully this will be fixed soon, in which case it would get 5 stars.
  • This totally locked up my ability to compose anything in gmail. The active link on the compose button was not there after installing this add-on. All was fine after I removed this app. I was looking for "Fix Compose for Gmail" like on Chrome, but they don't provide it for FF. :(
  • Good idea but when I enabled this plugin the button for switching to another opened gmail account was disappeared.
    Plugin version - 2.2.8
    Browser - Firefox v.35
  • Great add-on, but it may be on its way out. This morning, I had an error message at the top of my gmail page saying "This version of Firefox is no longer supported. Please upgrade to asupported browser."
  • I am happiest with version 0.1 of the plugin - works absolutely fine for me. This plugin ended months of frustration as the awful new Gmail compose had caused me to constantly send emails to myself by mistake when I hit the reply button after receiving emails sent from my webform. Now with OldCompose I can keep in view who I am replying to and which identity I am sending as.
  • I tried this extension some time ago, but it didn't play well with Boomerang, so I deactivated/deleted it. I read an article about how the new version was written from the ground up to play well with other extensions - including Boomerang. So I installed the latest version - 2.2.8 as I write this. After installing and restarting Firefox 28, I opened a new compose window and everything looked/functioned fine, except there's no Boomerang button for sending later. Unless someone has a solution, it looks like I'll be dumping this version too.

    Also, when checking to see the version for the extension, I couldn't find it in the list of Extensions in FF's Add-Ons window. Why? Because it's not named "Old Compose"! It's named "Restore Your Gmail Settings" What's up with that?
  • Something is going badly , many months working fine but today things and icons on the composer appear all mixed up. May be a problem with firefox 29.0.1 last update or changes from Gmail UI. Any idea ?

    Edited: Thanks to idno0001 , just re-install the very first 0.1 version ! and our beloved old style clean composer is back !
    find it here:

    Anyway I encourage to Oldcompose to fix the plugging in order to avoid security issues.
  • **Note: 5 star rating is given for the original old compose only.

    I've no idea how it happened, but gmail's Old Compose has been working fine for several months, then all of a sudden a few hours ago, an email dropped in from 'oldcompose@gmail.com' and instantly, gmail reverted back to the unwanted new style.

    I've tried downloading it from Mozilla's site - it goes through the motions of downloading, but gmail is still stuck in the new format. There is also no 'blue icon' in options to click on.

    I'd like to know what was in that email that it screwed up the old compose I'd been using without problems for several months? - because I sense something (typically) suspicious where anything Google is concerned.
  • I installed version 0.1 and disabled automatic updates, and it seems to be working fine again. (The 5 star rating is for the old version.)

    Edit: the older versions are available at the bottom of the add-on page - click "Version Information" and then "See complete version history".
  • :(.
    Google has - as expected - changed something
  • I was at my wits end with the awful scrolling when composing messages (especially replies) in gmail. This add-on makes my life so much better!
  • Great is more easy to copy and review attachment file
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