81 reviews
  • Super j'ai pu récupérer tous mes mots de passe
  • I was horrified to discover that my passwords had gone. But Firefox had a fix ready in no time at all. I am so grateful. You probably saved my life.
  • they are back. I thought i did something wrong and have been trying to remeber what i could. wish I'd know earlier about the restore
  • Many thanks to Mozilla. As others have said, got no info from AVG - am now reconsidering that product.
  • I made sure that AVG was up to date and then added this add-on. Worked perfectly. My saved logins are now showing up in Options again. Thanks!
  • Simplemente "buen trabajo" ... felicidades otra vez a la gente de Firefox !!! : )
  • Instalar la extension, pide reiniciar firefox, cuando aparece de nuevo tras unos segundos pide reiniciar de nuevo y ya está. contraseñas recuperadas.
  • Simple quick fix thanks
  • This helped me alot!
  • wonderfull! I thought I made a mistake but now all PSWDS are visible again. Many thanks
  • Thank you so much!....
    What a bind before this....
  • No help at all. Automatically installed and uninstalled stating that I don't have any stored passwords. Wrong.
  • Thank you Firefox. Why hasn't AVG apologised???????
  • Worked Perfectly, Will use it on our 2nd computer soon.
  • thank you - - almost idiot-proof fix -working a treat !
  • Thank you so much!
  • worked great!!
  • Having spent just under an hour with the AVG "experts" with no recognition that this problem even exists, Mozilla patched me up in 10 minutes. Faced with resetting 120 passwords (and yet not being able to save them) was a daunting task and an infuriating one. Thanks for making it so simple to fix that even this "caveman" could accomplish it.