88 reviews
  • I don't need this or want it but stupid firefox won't leave me alone about avg passwords. I don't use them so make the stupid nag go away!
  • Does not even show in my list of extensions even though I've tried downloading it 4 times for the 4 so called corrupted password files.
  • Shame there is no zero star. Ran this and nothing has changed. Only a few historic log ins are shown and when you click show passwords the field is blank. useless
  • Super j'ai pu récupérer tous mes mots de passe
  • I was horrified to discover that my passwords had gone. But Firefox had a fix ready in no time at all. I am so grateful. You probably saved my life.
  • they are back. I thought i did something wrong and have been trying to remeber what i could. wish I'd know earlier about the restore
  • Many thanks to Mozilla. As others have said, got no info from AVG - am now reconsidering that product.
  • I made sure that AVG was up to date and then added this add-on. Worked perfectly. My saved logins are now showing up in Options again. Thanks!
  • Simplemente "buen trabajo" ... felicidades otra vez a la gente de Firefox !!! : )
  • Instalar la extension, pide reiniciar firefox, cuando aparece de nuevo tras unos segundos pide reiniciar de nuevo y ya está. contraseñas recuperadas.
  • Simple quick fix thanks
  • This helped me alot!
  • wonderfull! I thought I made a mistake but now all PSWDS are visible again. Many thanks
  • Thank you so much!....
    What a bind before this....
  • No help at all. Automatically installed and uninstalled stating that I don't have any stored passwords. Wrong.
  • Thank you Firefox. Why hasn't AVG apologised???????
  • Worked Perfectly, Will use it on our 2nd computer soon.