89 reviews
  • Useless
  • Did Not Work. Yesterday, 11/22/2019, I had passwords. Today, even after following your instructions, I do not.
    What is the problem?
  • the add on worked 6 months ago but on Oct24 I lost all passwords and the add-on has failed completely. no w in a total mess and even the familiar password list has been reconfigured
  • ok
  • This is a POS. AVG is up to date and this isn't working. I was able to sync everything over to mobile, but trying to get that stuff back to PC doesn't work.
  • lost logins fix does not work on latest Firefox 58.0.2.
    Please help me get my login passwords back Ive lost over 100 and NO Fix - 6 that ice tried do not work ok.
    Please i need help someone to take an interest to see it to the end fixed please.
    Kev Borg