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  • This is a POS. AVG is up to date and this isn't working. I was able to sync everything over to mobile, but trying to get that stuff back to PC doesn't work.
  • lost logins fix does not work on latest Firefox 58.0.2.
    Please help me get my login passwords back Ive lost over 100 and NO Fix - 6 that ice tried do not work ok.
    Please i need help someone to take an interest to see it to the end fixed please.
    Kev Borg
  • This add on does not work like it is described.
  • Dank voor goede en spontane service. Praktische tool.
  • It didn't work. A pop-up box states that no saved passwords could be found therefore the extension failed. Between AVG and Firefox I'm not happy!!!!
  • sucks
  • Losing my passwords was something of a panic / shock, but once I discovered this add-on information, it did the trick, and my heartbeat returned to normal. A pity that it happened at all, but all credit (gratefully) to those who sorted it out so promptly, and created this add-on which was, truly, effortless for a numb-skull like myself to implement.