Be Careful Rated 1 out of 5 stars

Both "Restarter" and "Restart Firefox" have a glitch which may be serious for quite a few end-users. As another reviewer mentioned, if you have more than one URLs set to start together as Home Pages when you start Firefox, you'll notice that only one of those Home Pages shows up when you use either restarter.

But that isn't the problem. That is merely the ominous cloud on the horizon. For those who use tab-only browsing--which, after all, was for the longest time Firefox's claim to fame against IE6--I give you this caution:

When you proceed to use your browser's tab function to show your various URL tabs along the toolbar, you'll notice that instead of acquiring the usual array of tabs, you are remaining with just a single tab; and subsequent choices are REPLACING that tab, rather than being added to it. Now, how can that be? Well, you have been bumped into a multiple-Windows mode. Try Xing out your browser, and you'll discover you have another window--and another and another--underneath. Look on your taskbar, and you'll see the Firefox window count. This is classic browsing by windows; not tabs.

Worse. Go back to your Firefox options, and you'll see you are still showing your intended choice to be using tabs only.

To escape this problem, shut down Firefox without using your new restart add-on. Then start Firefox again, and--voila!--there are your multiple Home pages. Next, uninstall your new restarter. It was such a darned good idea; but it just doesn't work.