95 reviews for this add-on
  • The restart button shows up but does nothing when clicked.
  • Menu option installs okay, but extension DOES NOT WORK!
  • Doesn't work in latest Firefox, version 38.0.5. Nothing happens.
  • But not working now, and that's a shame.

    Time to find another addon to do this: should be a built-in feature of FF! I like to use a zillion tabs and several windows so restarting is not only necessary several times a day, but a bit of a pain. A restart feature, such as the button FF offers when you update a plugin should be trivial!!

    This one does not work though.
  • Not working on FF 38.0a1, nor even the beta version 0.6b3.
  • Worthless. It doesn't do anything except add icons and menu entries on any version of FF or related (like PaleMoon) that I tried it on. Forget it. Restart manually.
  • Apparently not working in FireFox 30.0... Too bad if you like to stay up-to-date with your browser releases.
  • Ранее пользовался, спасибо. Но за отсутствие поддержки в более поздних версиях: "-100"
  • Doesn't work anymore (at least on Nightly)
  • This extension has stopped working for the last few versions of Firefox.

    This shows two things... Extensions aren't forever, and Firefox ensures that.
  • Error: NS_ERROR_FAILURE: Component returned failure code: 0x80004005 (NS_ERROR_FAILURE) [nsIStringBundle.GetStringFromName]
    Source file: chrome://restartfirefox/content/restart.js
    Line: 21

    Sorry to break etiquette and post this here but there's no listed website or email for the developer.
  • We're now up to Firefox 26 and this extension still doesn't work. I've deleted it and now use the Restartless Restart extension.
  • Meanwhile, there is another add-on which does the same thing and it`s called "Restartless Restart". It`s here https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/restartless-restart/
  • Broken in FF 25.0
  • 0.5 appeared in my toolbar but didn't work. 0.6b3 still isn't working and doesn't even appear in the toolbar. In both cases, it is in the File menu though.
  • What's to review? The simplest thing in the world no longer works! How do you screw something like this up? Furthermore, how can something this simple be released without getting tested? Get it together.
  • It was working when I was using FF19. Jumped to FF22 and it's not working now.
  • I had installed 0.5 and it was working great. Then I noticed that it had stopped working. I installed Version 0.6b3. It didn't work either. I have FireFox version 21.0
  • I just installed Version 0.6b3
    It works with FF 21.0 (I am using Indonesian version) and XP
  • Tested and confirmed it's not working in FF 21 : after selecting the menu option nothing happens.
  • Does not working with FF 21.
  • How can I find the (beta) version that works with Firefox v22.0?

  • The Restart Firefox add on is no longer working, can we get an update? Thanks
  • Doesnt work anymore. It doesnt work with Mozilla Firefox 21.0
    Please update this Restart Firefox add-on

    I need an update to this add-on quick. PLEASE UPDATE Restart Firefox add-on to work with Mozilla Firefox 21.0
  • Only worked a couple of times then stopped working and won't any more.
    Using FF v21