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  • It was great. It was an awesome tool when it was compatible I hope they update it. I use a admin control panel to edit web pages and this would allow me to resize them.
  • Back when this functionality wasn't native to FF, Resizeable Textarea gave you a positively un-claustrophopic feeling. It was as if the web had opened up, and you suddenly had a lot more space to move; or like you had come to the top of a hill, and the view was extending before you

    Having a quick indication of how the line wrapping would look like in the final post, oversight over what you'd written, finding mistakes and redundant pieces of text; especially for someone like me who likes to write long posts and edits them many times for better style and impact before posting, this extension was a life-saver.

    I never got into the whole review writing game before, but now that I have, writing one for one of my favourite extensions was a must, discontinued or not. Besides, I don't know if the extension needs to be obsolete, I've only just abandoned FF3 for higher versions, and frankly am unimpressed with the native resizing. Right now for example, the text area I'm typing this into is extended over some text beside it, and it shows through, interfering with my writing. Resizable Textarea is still a top-ranking add-on IMO and I'm sad to let it go.

    EDIT: Oh and I'm on FF 6.0.2 now, if it matters. I didn't have Internet for a long while, so I completely jumped over FF4 and 5.

    P.S.Oh great, AND the resized text field goes UNDER the vote stats to the right here. RT, come back.
  • I just installed this, and there's no sign of it.
    There are no resize indicators and I can't resize any textareas.

    It hasn't been updated since 2006, so it appears to be dead. I know this extension isn't needed in FF 4+, but there's still a lot of 3.6+ users.
  • Version 0.1d is NOT working (e.g. with the different types of fields on the profile-form of LinkedIn.com) and FF 3.6.17 on Windows XP SP3.
    it is not intended to work with different types of fields. only with and not (flaw by design) with dynamically generated elements.
  • Thank you very much for your great idea! I used your addon for years with FF3. Now this function is integrated in FF4.
  • Please come back for FF4
    in FF4 it is already build in.
  • This does not work in 3.6.13. The "Works with" versions should be edited to indicate the proper versions. If it doesn't work for you past 3.6.8 (as you said in your description), then you shouldn't set it to be compatible with versions higher than that.
  • Functionality for resize select boxes and single line text boxes is not there. Functionality provided is now inbuilt in Version 4. Developer failed to keep his promise to provide something better than bumped up version of this going to be extinct extension. On the other hand of "Resizable Form Fields" bumped up is still working on single line text boxes (Like Title: Textbox for this review).
  • Doesn't work since 3.6
  • version 3.6.x
  • yep.. broken in FF 3.6.3... in FF 3.7ax you don't need it... it's built in!
    Im glad it would be built in now. Hope, 3.7 will be released soon.
  • Does not work with 3.6.3
  • Doesn't work anymore, FF 3.6.3 Windows 7 Pro
  • dosen't work with 3.6.3
  • too bad. doesn't work on firefox 3.6.2 (tested on win XP 32)
    would be be super useful if working
  • Fails to work on Firefox 3.6
  • 很不错的一款扩展,不过只在鼠标滑到文本域的右侧或下方时才能调整文本域的大小,如果能够从四个方向任意调整文本域的大小就更好了。
  • 很不错的一款扩展,不过只在鼠标滑到文本域的右侧或下方时才能调整文本域的大小,如果能够从四个方向任意调整文本域的大小就更好了。
  • Shame. Seems to doesn't work with Fx 3.6 :(
  • Excellent extension. This is the one feature that is present in Webkit based browsers by default that I wanted in Firefox.
  • Not working.
    I think at least I could resize this very textarea where I write this Review...
  • Despite the information given here, it doesn't seem to be compatible with Firefox 3.6. You cannot resize textareas and the JavaScript console displays several errors related to the extension.
  • Text Area Resizer & Mover 1.82
    i guess could help all of us
  • may be somebody could solve this problem? we really need this add-on to ease our work.
    firefox 3.6.
  • Doesn't work on Firefox 3.6.