65 reviews
  • After recent update just asks me to login and red exclamation remains. Can't run desktop app because it has a runaway process that I have reported but they won't fix. What to do?
  • Not working in Android
  • Can get your data. What's the need in that?
  • Very good! It even recognizes specific sites as different types. Like "Reference & Learning:
    google.com, realpython.com" and "Design & Composition:
    MS Paint" (MS paint from desktop). Really surprised to see someone has actually made this. One of those things i had actually hoped for and assumed would never exist.

    Its a tragic they have taken so many low review.
  • This is really good addon but it slows down Firefox significantly. I had to test all my addons one by one to figure it out. Its a shame as the Chrome counterpart is fast. My usecase is heavy browsing (loads of tabs). It might be ok for light usage.
  • As others have mentioned, it needs cookies permissions:
  • Doesn't work. It says "There is no time yet recorded today". This is your first visit on this site today. I have at least 10 tabs on this site today. It says that a possible cause is that I didn't use my computer for enough time today, but that's not true. Whatever the duration, it shows the same thing. And on the site: "There is no time logged for this period".
  • Doesn't work with firefox developer edition. RescueTime shows everything under "firefox developer edition" activity without displaying visited websites.

    Tested with firefox developer edition 64.0b6 and latest RescueTime under Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS