Rated 4 out of 5 stars

While maintenance has stopped for now, a fork is being considered quite actively since a long time now so it might happen soon. Regardless, it still works perfectly for me on Palemoon.

What a lot of people commenting here don't seem to understand is what this add-on is useful for. GP2 recommending PrivacyBadger instead is a clear example, because those 2 add-ons do very different things. PB is another one of those tracker-blockers, with the unique addition of an automatic detection. RP lets you simply block entire domains, preventing scripts, images, iframes, cookies and everything else entirely. It's equivalent to adding an entry to your OS' hosts file that redirects to localhost. Obviously, you need to have the skills to tell malignant domains apart from beneficial ones, otherwise you'll screw up and it's your own fault. Many people also compare it to NoScript: again, wrong. NS disables scripts from specific domains, RP blocks any and all connections to said domain, scripts and more. It's a simpler but more powerful tool than either NS or PB, or any other, because of what it does.

By the way, another great way to do all of the former is by using HostsMan and picking good blocking lists. It adds tens of thousands of entries to your hosts file to block access to ads, malware, trackers, etc, no matter which program tries to connect to them. The blocking happens at OS level, not browser/add-on level.