Rated 3 out of 5 stars

I give it only 3 stars, because this addon quite aggressively works into only one direction and blocks ANY off-site requests.
An approach to provide a blacklist with suspicious ad-servers, click-tracking etc is not available.
Instead, each site has to be dealt with separately. And this can be very time-consuming (although better for "paranoid security": For example Google Maps - 2 additional permissions required...
The provided white-lists upon 1st time installation are very limited!!!
It is also annoying, that there are no place-holders for any content blocked. So for example Paypal-donate and pay-buttons and lots of more stuff will just disappear by default! Still I do not know if technically it is actually possible to show place-holders for everything...

Another thing that disturbs me is the handling of redirects! Why this feature cannot be turned off in the GUI? It is just a bit frustrating...

Finally - before making any "checkout" on an online shopping site and paying by CC / home banking, this add-on should be disabled, as what the script does, can cause big problems here. In my case probably a session-cookie expired after re-initiating a redirect originally blocked by the addon... My card was charged, but merchant did not get the required info. I had to solve this issue manually by e-mail... Quite annoying.

Still interesting to see which content is requested by the different sites!!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (0.5.16).