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  • This addon make me happy
  • Thank you!
  • Works great
  • Very very nice addon, thanks for it!
  • Fantastic tool, really helps up debug issues on client websites to isolate production issues/fixes
  • I had a problem with a website that I like to use using buggy javascript to repeatedly redirect me to an advertising page where I had checked the option many times over not to return me to that page. I contacted the webmasters, but they were no help whatsoever, and I was seriously considering having to quit using that website.

    But then I found this add-on, "Request Control", and long story short, after setting up a "rule" to prevent that unwanted advertising page from appearing again, the buggy website now functions perfectly in spite of its own crappy/buggy programming. So thank you very much to Tumpio for a job very well done, your add-on does a truly terrific job, and I highly recommend it to anybody who is considering installing it.
  • I just love it! really useful, finally I feel like I have the control.
  • Works wonder!!
    All of a sudden, redirection comes and comes with Firefox 57,which I thought
    was kind of virus which we got in Google search articles. No add-ons worked but yours. Thanks...
  • Nice one! Works as promised, great Help section - 5 stars. You got it, folks? - "works well", "terrific addon" and so on - it means 5 (five) stars! :)
    Thanks! :)
  • A terrific replacement for Redirector; I can do everything that I did with Redirector and way more. This addon works seamlessly and is very quick, the redirects that I set up add zero noticeable delay, as if I were to follow the redirected url directly. I've yet to try the Blocking action, but it's very handy knowing that the option is there, and I'm quite fond that this addon works at as low of a level as it does, blocking these requests before they're ever sent out.

    Very happy so far, but I had to deduct a star due to the url path not supporting regex. I can work around this with parameter expansion substring replacement, but it would be nice to be able to do my matching in the path field.
  • I'm pretty happy with this so far! Its default rules take care of most of the URL trackers I'm used to seeing from Google and whatnot.
    Hello Boolean,

    thanks for your review! You can find more rules and samples in here:

    More rules can be requested to be added as default rules here:

  • D'oh, accidentally put up an unhelpful review (The Mobile Add-ons site is still terrible). And I hadn't even noticed until I got the "Dev replied to the review" email.
    Now, with 100% more words.

    Pretty cool, does what it says it does. My suggestions would be being able to export/import rules and settings (maybe even sync across devices, a la uBlock Origin; but regular export/import to a file works just dandy).

    The missing star is because of missing functionality in Fennec;you can't access the rules ad such (but they do work, along with the cleaning option). Perhaps adding a button that lets us open up the extension's settings (again, like uBlock Origin) is in order?

    ....Unless it was never meant to pop up in the Android Addons page in the first place...
    Update: version 1.7.0 adds support for rules import and export.

    Thanks for your complete review!

    I will add the sync support once Firefox adds storage sync support for WebExtensions. I'll take a look if the file import/export is possible too.

    Thanks for reporting the missing options in Fennec. It is odd that Fennec won't include any button to access a WebExtension's options. I have to read more about it.

    Here are links for these two issues:

  • Is there any way to redirect requests by retaining or capturing the matched patterns?

    For example, redirect http://www.example.com/* to http://www.example2.com/* so that the path specified after example.com/ is copied after example2.com/

    It is not so useful otherwise. :-(
    Version 1.4.0 adds support for this.
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