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  • See button "on the toolbar"? What toolbar!??? And another thing: i use FF in full-screen mode, to avoid clutter. This add-on seems to solve one problem at cost of creating another.
  • Great! Just add a cascading menu to overview and default action on the main button. It would be perfect.
  • Whenever I install and reinstall Firefox anew, this add-on is the first one I go for. A browser without these functions is the pain in the A** and is not even worth considering when you habitually sift through dozens of tabs open at the same time. Slightly less important than oxygen.
  • How to chane the language?
  • Great! Just what I wanted..
  • Thank You!
  • Nice addon. Works well !
  • I have used this for a long time with no problems. Provides several button options for just about every need.

    Note that Florian Wolk's add-on pointed to in No Nothing's review does not have toolbar buttons; if using keyboard only is what you want then it might be worth your time to check it out.
  • A developer named "Florian Wolk" has made more lightweight addon (9 kb) than this
  • I like "close other tabs" to work in this way: first click on it closes other tabs, second click on it close the current tab. I hope next version it functions like this.
  • This add-on can still be used with Version 4 of Firefox. Simply Download the .XPI file (save like as) and use an archive program like 7-zip to open the .XPI file. Inside you will find a file called install.rdf, drag it to the desktop and edit the file with notepad or another text editor. Find the two em:maxVersion tags and replace the text BETWEEN them with 4.* then SAVE and drag the SAVED file back into the 7zip window. Close 7zip and then drag the .XPI file onto Firefox to install the modified .XPI.
  • This is one of the most usefull addons I have, but it doesn't work with FF4.0. I regret the upgrading now. I hope we'll see the new version soon!
  • Nice tool. Gives you control of your tabs and allows you to close them easily.
  • I need to use a webapp that is always opening extra tabs. Deleting them all is time-consuming. This handy extension does the job in one click, with complete simplicity. Thank you so much.
  • nice job. its exactly what I was looking for.
    Feature suggestion:
    shift+click a tab to close tabs in between open tab and clicked tab.
    Thanks for your suggestion.
    FYI. Multiple Tab Handler enables to select tabs with shift+click. It may be helpful.
  • Thanks for great add-on! Broken with latest Trunk build (1.9.3a3pre 20100310 Minefield/3.7a3pre) - will there be a compatible update?

  • This beautifully simple add-on helps those of us who enjoy the ambiance and relaxation only ridiculously large numbers of ridiculously long texty context menus can provide. Much like the irony of Nestea_Zen's user name, clutter is in the eye of the beholder. Some people enjoy right-clicking War And Peace, others enjoy pushing buttons for no reason, so when a reason is given, let alone one as purely zen as this, it's like a hug from Mom without the guilt or old people smell. Plus, TabsMixPlus is Satan. Fact.

  • I cannot get this to install in 64bit Win7 in the default theme. Any help?
    Sorry, I don't have Windows 7.
    Is there any message in error console?
  • Thanks to the developer!
    Nice extension. It's simple and it works (FF 3.5.2). I didn't want some of the features in the other extensions that provide this functionality. Disabling a context menu option works - I disabled the "Close All ..." option.
  • Kind of redundant considering Tab Mix Plus has those possibilities too.
    But Tab Mix Plus has too many features for me :)
  • Wonderful. One of the things I liked about Google Chrome is it's "Close tabs to the right". I'm glad I can also do that in Firefox! (Not only to the right, but to the left as well). This feature is really a usability boon.
  • Great add-on!!
    I have a request: when using a right to left language version of FF , the labels and icons are reversed. I.e. "left" means towards the beginning, which is actually right on RTL FF. It is quite confusing.
    The add on should be sensitive to this.
  • Awesome, just what I have been looking for
  • Ich nutze diese Erweiterung sehr oft - eigentlich jeden tag mehrmals... - Sehr nützlich !!!
  • Perfect! Just the thing I wanted. Close all tabs option in tab bar context menu.

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