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  • Nice. Works fine for me. Thx to author. One wish: keep it update cause Google (which become a very bad ugly company and totally lost respect among a lot of users) continues tries to breach personal boundaries enforcing people to watch content which they don't want.
  • Thank you for this! Now my youtube is distraction free.
    You're very welcome!
  • Thanks to the dev! You rock man!

    Works pretty fine. Needs more upgrade!
    Thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)
  • No longer works, it will block user uploaded videos but movies are now showing up on the sidebar. It's a good extension, but it just needs that bug fixed to be perfect.
    Thanks for the review! Movie suggestions should now be blocked as of this latest version.
  • I watch alot of esports, this helps remove the spoils in comments and sidebar videos.
    :thumbs up:
  • Was looking for this feature for so long. Youtube recommendations are just disctracting so much, now they are finally gone! Super must to have Addon.
  • I didn't even have to reload the page for this to block not only the sidebar videos, but the end-of-video suggestions as well.
  • I would like to report this add on. For being awesome!!! Works perfectly to eliminate sidebar 'suggested' videos. Theater mode wasn't cutting it. The distracting suggestions would still show up esp if/when the controls mysteriously vanished in theater mode and had to revert to normal mode...thus seeing the rabbit hole distractions again. So far so good. Thx
    Thanks! Glad to be reported :D
  • Good overall, but there's a bug in the current version, when comments are blocked search results don't show up too.
    should be fixed in 3.0.3, thanks for letting me know about this bug :)
  • Thanks for adding my suggestion! :)
    done! latest release (3.0.0) adds the option to hide comments :) thanks for the tip
  • Thanks for this!

    Youtube suggestions are more than likely unrelated to the video or videos you're watching. It's especially bad if you clear out your browser often, like every time you close it. I finally had enough and searched for an extension like this, and here it is!

    I don't think there are others like this, at least not the last time I checked AMO.
  • Useless with polymer off.
    Did not know about disabling polymer, thanks! I'll work on getting this addon to work with polymer turned off.

    Edit: recent version (2.2.0) makes it work with polymer off
  • Thank you for this awesome add-on. Now I don't have to sue YouTube and the idiots that run it.
    You're very welcome :)
  • It does what announced. YT suggestions are junk for the brain. Thank you, i'll give my participation.
    agreed, :thumbsup:
  • Really good addon, does what it's supposed to do. Love it !
    glad to hear it!
  • Thank you so much for this! No more clickbait garbage on YouTube! Two suggestions I'd to give is one:
    Add the ability to blacklist words, tags, etc so that way you won't have to see any specific video "recommended" by YouTube, rather than blacklisting all videos on a video you're watching. That way, say you're watching a video relating to your favorite franchise, you won't have to see garbage rants about it like "why this movie makes no sense" and etc.
    And two: An ability to get suggested videos from a channel you're watching only, rather "related" videos from other "YouTubers". Like if you're watching videos from your favorite YouTuber, you only get videos from said YouTuber and no other YouTubers' videos from the suggestions section next to the video. Other than that, thank you again for making this awesome add-on! 5 stars!!
    Glad you like it and good suggestions! I'll look into it adding those features.
  • Works! This addon makes Youtube usable for me. Just the video I want, nothing more. Thanks to the developer!
  • The developer has done a great job. The Youtube irrelevant suggestions are over. The only little glitch is that you can't comment on any video so that would be great to have this option that you can check or uncheck as you wish. Except that, it's working great
    This bug should be fixed with the most recent update! (2.1.1)
  • There is a little bit latency but it works. Would be good if it worked on android.
    I've tried getting rid of the latency on the homepage... it's tricky :|
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