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  • Did not work, search for "Skip Redirect" instead. That one worked!
  • I can't get rid of this. I disabled it then removed it and it's still there, still stopping me from following links that I want to show up. This is the worst add on the FireFox I have tried.
  • works well
  • Awesome addon, working really well beside skip redirect! Beats the Google Youtube redirect malware/spyware/adware spies. Would like to see it function with disqus links. Found this after searching for #Dissenter Addon. Very angry that FireFox removed the Godsend Free Speech "Dissenter" addon from their online database, Firefox is #Fakenews.
  • Not working.
  • Isn't working how I expected at all - t.co links are still being copied to clipboard/redirected thu.
  • If you want to skip redirects by replacing URLs on the page instead of intercepting requests instead of. Forget about addon called Skip Redirect

    Thank you hyperfekt for such a good software to like :)
  • Preferred mechanism relative to Skip Redirect.
  • Using both Redirect addons. Both work well on almost all redirects. There will be few misses as well as few false flags, but this can be configured swiftly or addon paused. Shortener URLs are an interesting challenge for future.
  • Still getting re-directs even though this is enabled

    I would encourage you to at least read the description of an extension before leaving a review for it.
  • doesn't work
  • Very good, but can't remove redirects at https://www.baidu.com
  • Fast and works out of the box.
    When I hover over a link it still shows redirect URL, but if I click or copy the link it's stripped. This looks like a performance optimization thing and does not pose any problems.
    Love it!
    I was using my own userscript for slack before and then even wanted to re-write it as an extension. But a little search later I've found this little gem.
    Thank you, Hyperfekt!
    Thanks a lot for the review!

    You might be stumbling over this limitation:
    "If the final destination of a link is changed after moving the mouse over it, the URL in the status bar will not update to reflect that. This is a limitation of Firefox."

    If you think that is not the case, feel free to open an issue on Github. :)
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