Irrelevant review? Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Mozilla does not create these add-ons. The entire add-on community is run by people just like you and me, they don't get paid for their work. So stop implying that somebody MUST do something about an add-on that seems to serve no function in your eyes. Nobody is forcing you to download it and if you are one of the people that you described as just because it's an add-on then that made you think it was a necessity, then I feel sorry for you. Do you install the thousands upon thousands of add-ons out there?

Your logic is flawed by the argument that it is impossible for you to have installed all add-ons so the fact that you mentioned that because it's an approved add-on makes people think it's a necessity was just pulled out of your ass..

Add-ons are not made by MOZILLA. Now STFU and enjoy your free browser. Jesus christ, if you don't like the add-on, uninstall the add-on.. Or better yet, research the add-on more before you install it in the first place. Derrrrrrr.