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  • I agree with karmen40, no longer needed

    Thanks karmen40!
  • you can just do this with right click, "customize", then drag and drop it away

    whats the point of installing an add-on to do it?
  • nice but make the button appear and disappear when moving tabs ...
    plus i just discovered that we can remove that button u dragging it out in firefox without addon... then addon removed
    thanks anyway
  • I installed FF 17.0.1 ESR, excellent extension.

    Thanks sdwilsh.
  • During one of the many updates a long while back Firefox move the new tab button to the tab bar. this was great however 1. it took up valuable space on my tab bar ( of 100+/- tabs ) and 2. it was annoying to have two tab buttons and be used to using one of them.

    So unbeknownst to me something happened.
    I went to set up another Firefox profile and I was going over the various add-ons that i needed to install from my main profile. ( one or 2 profiles was not enough, I have 4 instances of Firefox that I can open and 6 profiles. ) and I installed this add-on and I couldn't figure out why I wasn't getting the new tab button to go away. i disabled, I restarted, I uninstalled and reinstalled, I thought it was my horrible Internet connection with Hughes-net. ( i actually had downloads. download and say they were done and they were not, as they would not open. it was only a 20MB VLC download. )

    so apparently during one of the last few updates you can now edit your toolbars and drag the button off. ( was that so hard Mozilla. )

    So all that leaves me to say is, thank you to "sdwilsh" for this add-on.
    I was so glad when I found it way back when. thank you.
  • Mozilla does not create these add-ons. The entire add-on community is run by people just like you and me, they don't get paid for their work. So stop implying that somebody MUST do something about an add-on that seems to serve no function in your eyes. Nobody is forcing you to download it and if you are one of the people that you described as just because it's an add-on then that made you think it was a necessity, then I feel sorry for you. Do you install the thousands upon thousands of add-ons out there?

    Your logic is flawed by the argument that it is impossible for you to have installed all add-ons so the fact that you mentioned that because it's an approved add-on makes people think it's a necessity was just pulled out of your ass..

    Add-ons are not made by MOZILLA. Now STFU and enjoy your free browser. Jesus christ, if you don't like the add-on, uninstall the add-on.. Or better yet, research the add-on more before you install it in the first place. Derrrrrrr.
  • I agree with 'snap123' - you do NOT need this add-on! Some potential users have not noticed that the "new tab" button *may* appear in a different part of their tool-bar when using the options dialogue box. In my case, it shifted to the extreme right-hand side of the tool-bar.

    Having said that, it would be helpful if Mozilla deleted this add-on from the list. By leaving it on the list of add-ons, there's an implication that it IS needed, and may waste the time of the unwary. I thank the developer for the original concept though - it was needed in earlier versions of Firefox.

  • I made the suggestion for the Firefox 4 beta about having the first option under the File Submenu to be 'New Window' followed by 'New Tab'.... I see nobody listened to me. How can I delete the line 'New Tab' does anyone know?
  • Morbus is right, installing this extension is unneeded when right-clicking and customizing is possible, but it can be difficult to grab the button. At least in my FF 4.0 configuration it was a smaller "+" to the left of the tabs, not the actual new tab button to the right that needed to be dragged off.
  • Go into Firefox > Options > Toolbar Layout... and simply drag the new tab button out of the tabstrip and into the palette that appears. You totally don't need this extension, and if you're moaning about how awful Firefox 4 is because you think you need this extension, then please read this comment again!!!

  • I entirely agree with the comment by 4edrtcghv on January 30, 2011 : This extension is a symptom of what is wrong with Firefox. Yesterday I installed FF4, and since then I already had to set up (now the 3rd) new extensions, because some stuff have been removed from about:config (and I wanted to avoid this ugly orange button...) - browser.tabs.tabMinWidth and browser.tabs.tabMaxWidth have been removed... I had to install a new ext... And now, Holly S... I have install another one just for getting ride of this new tab button... So thanks for the creator of it, yes of course :-) But Firefox starts really to get on my nerves, I mean almost... wonder if I will not reinstall FF3.6.15... it's getting to this far ! My rating is 5 for the add, but FF4 gets a 3. Reactivity is good, yes, but what the f... about removing basic inbuilt functions ??? I suggest you read the above mentioned comment... It clearly explains the problem !!! Had to spend quiet a while on the net to find the proper answers to this general mess, when before it took me maximum 5 minutes to apply my preferences in about:config !
  • @ ceeewolf: The new tab button can not be removed with the customize menu. You can add a second one but you can not remove the original. The button this add on removes is not part of any of the toolbars, it's hard-coded just like the close tab buttons.

    @ everyone who says this is unnecessary: You have a new tab button on your mouse, why would you want or need one on your browser? Same thing with search bars! Move your mouse to the home button, click with the wheel on your mouse and a new tab opens with your homepage. You can do the same thing with any link, just click with the wheel and it opens in a new tab.

    @ sdwilsh: Thank you for helping me remove that useless eyesore from my fox!
  • Any / All FF Tools can be moved to and removed from the bar without using an addon.
    Simply Right Click in a blank area of the FF Menu Bar or Tool Bar and select Customize from the drop list. This will open the built in FF Customize Toolbar app. Any of the several tools can be dragged between the app & the toolbar. Tools may be placed almost anywhere on either the Menu or Navigation Toolbars.
    My preference includes placing the Add New Tab Button tool between the FF Address Window and the Search Tool where it is conveniently accessed for a new search. In this location it is never clicked by accident. The Open New Window Button may be placed there as well.
  • It's one of the most annoying buttons in FF, so it's great I can get rid of it.
  • Worked OK in 3.0.x, but stopped working right when I updated to 3.5.x. I'd have to run the add-on updater, which would apply a compatibility update, every time I opened Firefox. Found out how to disable new tab button via userChrome.css file.
  • @ndandre That was the sh!tt!est comment ever >__<

    Good work Shawn~
  • Thank You! I utterly despised those blasted buttons!
  • I middle-click the home icon to open a new tab, so all the 'new tab' button did was annoy me when I accidentally clicked it instead of the close tab button. Thanks for this.
  • Thanks for sharing, but I don't get it, how whould I open a new tab without the button!?
  • same degree of happiness as robert wiegner, here... :))
    I now got rid of the two worst features of the new firefox:
    - ugly "new tab" button
    - missing close button on last tab
    thanks a million! :o)
  • I really really don't get the idea of this addon. Why would I want to remove the new tab button!? LOL
  • Very useful!
  • Shawn ... you are my personal hero for today ;o))
    After updating to FF_3.6 two things were really annoying me: the placing of new tabs (right beside the current one) and this stupid "new tab button". So: thank you, thank you and one for the weekend: thank you!
  • Love it, I was constantly hitting that button while trying to close other tabs.