RIP away interweb pollution to compliment adblock Rated 5 out of 5 stars

I had to abandon transmographying extensions a few years back when my laptop ceased to be soooper fast. Now with new powerful workstations I have installed

* HackTheWeb
* Platypus [slightly abandonware]
* stylish & scriptish
* element hiding helper
* karma blocker

But I miss platypus. It would be helpful if you had a comparison matrix of those to highlight the uniqueness of RIP's development in the last three years


Is there yet a subscription [repository] system planned for RIP? People capable of elegant code are more likely to create elegant RIPs for popular sites. AdBlock extensions did not become monumentally popular until the subscription system became prominent. With availability of free CoDeeN systems bandwidth cost should not be an issue. If not CDN I am confident some people would step forward to provide such hosting. ;)

thanks for all the RIPping good fish