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  • This is an awesome tool and the easiest of this type. Please come out of retirement and update this gem to work with the new Firefox
  • love it.
    man, works great in palemoon !!!
  • Wish this was updated for the new firefox :(
  • This add-on is much easier to use than any of the other options for blocking elements; the preview and undo features are very handy, and it doesn't weigh your browser down nearly as much as the others. Exactly because it has such a nice side, I thought I should draw attention to its flaw, which is that it fails to 'remove it permanently'. Refreshing the page is enough to make everything come back, which makes it useless. 'AdBlock Plus' with 'Element Hiding Helper' recently stopped working(probably because I just updated Firefox), so I just tried every other add-on of similar intent, and the only one that did remove it permanently(one called "Yet Another Remove It Permanently"), couldn't remove just what I wanted, so I guess I just have to wait and maybe some other add-on will start working again. I just wish this add-on were fixed(and updated to the newest Firefox) because it would be simply perfect.
  • This is a must have tool to shut off adverts etc, been using it on my desktop with no problem. However on my laptop, when I click options, the option window is too big to show all of it on the screen, can you make the option window resizeable so that I can see the top of bottom of it. At the moment I can only see the bottom.
  • Either make this compatible with multiprocess or create a new one that does.
  • RIP AWAY ! ! !
  • Otherwise a very useful tool.
  • Don't work in firefox nightly - 54.0a1 64-bit
  • Application's icon missing in FF50
  • Very good, but it should suggest more ways to block one element (using id, classes, xpath contains), and have some templates to block manually elements within xpath contains and so on. Another thing it should allow it's to re-run manually on a page the filtering because some pages are using Javascript code to show elements which don't are presented just after the loading, they're shown after some seconds and this kind of filtering cannot remove they.
  • I love this app, but Firefox keeps disabling it every few weeks and doesn't give the option to re-enable it. The only way to keep using it is to keep reinstalling it after it's been disabled. Surely the developer can address this issue and fix it once in for all.
  • Love this add-on but firefox keeps disabling it.
  • This is a great addon, but it doesn't work in the Firefox Developer Edition. Fix it and I'll rate it 5 stars.
  • Fine for removing lightbox sign-in crap from Pinterest, mumsnet... etc. on current page. But does not remove permanently, or from website, or from similar pages... and simply reloading the page brings up the lightbox again.

    At least it allows me to view pages without restrictions.
  • Could be useful to compensate ad-blocker limitations, but it doesn't work in multiprocess mode.
    Would this be hard to implement?
  • It does great job but if one of previously blocked element(s) cause a mess then it's hard to find which blocked element causes it. I wish it has better handling method for such situations.
  • Great Job Jerome !
    Simple and efficient : A perfect complement for Noscript to have a safe and clean browsing. I love it. It is like having the excellent feature called "content blocker" that was implemented in Opera web browser, quite a long time ago. Just right click on the stuff you don't like and block it.. You know what? It simply should be integrated in firefox by default. My rating : 5 stars because i can't give 6 :D
  • I second Faye Kane girl brain.

    The RIPs list needs to be sortable, ideally by name and by url. How about making it a table with these (sortable) columns? Modifying an existing RIP would be muuuuch smoother.
  • This addon allows you to manually CUT away the annoying parts of any website. Best used in conjunction with uBlock Origin, the best adblocker on the Planet!

    I also recommend the following addons: NoScript, Self-Destructing Cookies and Web of Trust (aka WOT).
  • One of the most useful in my arsenal! Five stars!

    BUT YOU NEED TO SORT THE LIST OF REMOVED ITEMS. I can't find something I shouldn't thave removed and I end up restoring everything I've ever removed.

    You also need a button to "restore all removed items on this site" for the same reason.
  • I want to remove some selected text inside of a table cell, but it removes the entire table cell.
  • Great addon but "permanent" is only within session. It should remember the blocked content also after a browser restart ! Thank you.
  • I love you for that tool... greetings from Swiss

  • Works perfectly fine, except sometimes a site will do something weird and it won't work. For example, on memrise.com I can remove most of the stuff I want to without problems, but there's a few other things that just come back whenever I refresh the page.