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  • Спасибо! Долго искал! Работает с Waterfox!
  • fdsd
  • please fix your plugin for the latest version of firefox. don't be lazy.
  • Worked well till FF 57 (Quantum) came out. There are alternatives, that work just as well. Search for "Remove Cookies" in the extensions.
  • Excellent add-on!!! Please update to the new Firefox 57+ technology... I can't realize surfing the web without this gem!!!
  • Thanks. It worked like Jewel. You don't know how much you have helped me. Thanks a million man.
  • Wie schon unten beschrieben funktioniert es nicht und ich frage mich, warum es im Firefox angeboten wird.
  • This was a great add-on while it worked but it no longer works on Firefox 49 Nightly. I've switched over to Lympha and so far it seems to have the same functionality.

  • Stopped working for FF versions > 44. Retards at Moz should remove this addon from the FF compatibility list...
  • Does not work in e10s. :(
  • Whats the point if there's no notification or way to confirm the cookies have been removed?
  • Lo instalé y lo probé un toque para ver "qué onda"…

    El tiempo pasó y ahora puedo decir que no me imagino usar mi navegador web sin este complemento. FUNDAMENTAL, en especial para sitios como Uploaded.to u OBOOM.
  • thx Dwipal, works great for me with FF31, one-click cookie deletion for current domain. Works even for current subdomain only, which is most valuable for me!
  • Perfect.
  • Really like this addon.

    Extremely useful, essential really.

    Really makes it easier to deal with cookies.

    Never really wrote anything related to addons before, but after what happened with another addon (AWFUL, EXTREMELY STRESSFUL) decided to write here, since this addon is really useful.

    But lately there is an addon that have been interfering with this one....

    The addon STATUS-4-EVAR, IMMEDIATELY AFTER INSTALLING IT, STOPS THE CONFIRMATION DISPLAY, so can't tell for sure if the cookies were deleted or not... even after reinstalling it... this issue keeps happening....

    Really annoying and frustrating to say the least...

    But after REMOVING this addon "STATUS-4-EVAR", EVERYTHING goes back to normal... EVERYTHING WORKS PERFECTLY...

    Not sure if something can be done to correct this, since it was caused by another addon...

    But perhaps this is affecting some other users as well...?

    So, if there is something that can be done to correct this conflict issue, could this be solved?

    Really like this addon and it's frustrating to have it not working, even if it's caused by some other addon...

    This STATUS-4-EVAR shows download status in the status bar, and would like to be able to use all addons, if possible...

    Is there a solution to this or only the other addons can solve this?

    Anyway, great addon.... very useful!
  • Nice and simple, and works.
  • This is exactly what I was looking for. All I ever want to do is delete cookies for the current site. This makes that easy with just one click. That said, two things are sadly lacking. No keyboard shortcut. No feedback other than a message flashed at the bottom of the screen for a few milliseconds. Even the toolbar button icon does not change when you click it, giving the impression that it did not work. Simple fix, add the ability to set a keyboard shortcut, and give the option for a visible and audible click. Otherwise it works just fine.
  • Many sites require cookies to work, but the cookies end up getting in the way. One click on this extension's icon cleans it all up.
  • Easy to use and does the job!
  • simply working! thank u very much!
  • Excellent. Some pay wall sites allow only so many free views before stopping access. This add on has successfully circumvented that.
  • Doesn't remove anything. Is it supposed to tell you when it's removing something? Not here – zapped.
  • Works perfectly. Thank you ;)
  • this is easier than cookies manager +

    ... for those times when wiping out all cookies for this one domain... it reduces the tedium of the activity otherwise

    ... for those retard domains that limit actions by 24 hour period

    click. solved.