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  • Hi - I tried the email but it doesn't work, so am posting here. Since moving up to Pale Moon 28 yesterday, the add-on no longer functions. Everything works (context menu comes up, can change frequency etc) but the actual reload doesn't happen. Is there any chance the developer could take a look at this please? It's the add-on I use all day, every day & is a must-have for me.

  • very good

  • god

  • can't use in my firefox

  • Works really well at what it does; can't blame the developer for not updating to Firefox Quantum. This addon works where many other addons with a similar purpose fail (e.g., cnn.com). One star removed for what I consider lack of major features: no indication on the tab that it has an active reload timer, and reload timers don't persist across Firefox sessions.

  • Mi experiencia es nefasta, porque este complemento (ReloadEvery) no es compatible con la versión de Firefox Quantum que tengo instalada, y no entiendo porque me ofrecieron actualizar a esta versión de Firefox que da problemas. Gracias
    Mi email de respuesta es: info@inmarcos-lex.com

  • goof

  • I'm in FF 52 on a Fedora Linux box. Works on some pages but not a dashboard handled by a web server provided by a data processing package I'm running locally.

  • josss


  • This makes me easy to monitor my daily earnings in bitcoin minings

  • nao consegui usar

  • ReloadEvery is the best extension for reload.

  • hi

  • good

  • Please make this compatible with Firefox Quantum [57.0.1]

  • Please update it for Firefox Quantum !

  • Ideaal ! Graag updaten!

  • Please update it for Firefox Quantum !

  • gregerg

  • Before I have this , I have to reload the pages myself.

  • Please update it for Firefox Quantum.

  • Супер. Обновите его для работы с Firefox 57.

  • The add-on is great, but it is not working any more with the new version of Firefox, 57 or Quantum. Will it be updated to is is compatible? Thanks!

  • hello, application is great,
    But you can add: automatic random resfresh between two time values.
    For example, random between 5 and 10 minutes, refresh at 7 minutes. And compatible with ff 50 to the newest versions.
    thank you.