Innovative Idea - NEEDS A SAVE FEATURE!!! Rated 3 out of 5 stars

Firstly, I love the idea that you can reload your tabs, which is ideal and amazing for sites that have a lot of downtime (forums for example).

I think that this addon would be even better if it allows you the option to configure which tabs should be reloaded. So that everytime I click on "RELOAD ALL" that only those tabs are reloaded and not my entire list of tabs. PLEASE ADD THIS FUNCTIONALITY IN! I guarantee that everyone is waiting to see this idea grow :)

Reload All! does allow you to choose the tabs you want to reload everytime

Hi Xavier,
Thanks for your positive comment. Reload All! does have the option to reload only those tabs which you want to reload. And then if you want to reload only those tabs once more, there is an option in the Tools dropdown and the Tab Context Menu to do just that.
If you were looking for something different from this, then could you explain it a little more so maybe that could be incorporated into the next release of Reload All!
However, if the functionality I mentioned is what you were looking for, then would it be possible for you to give a extra star to Reload All! in your review :D :).