33 reviews for this add-on
  • Hoping the author will be able to port it to WebExtension.
  • Super useful, and still working!
    Please make it compatible with multiprocess. Thx!
  • Please update to e10s ( &WebExtensions)
  • Should be standard Firefox feature
  • in firefox version 29 they have taken away the reload button and put it in the address bar, don't know why.
    this add-on is great for quickly reloading tabs
  • In FF29.0 I was unable to locate reload button somewhere else, but this addon has made reloading pages using mouse even easier. Thanks a lot.
  • Users of "Drag Tab as Shortcut" addon has added advantage of reloading tab by dragging it downward

    How about adding skip cache functionality (without any modifier key) to the above action ?
  • One of those amazing features that should be built in to the browser !
    Awesome work dev. Can't use a browser without this feature anymore.
  • I love it! Works like a charm. Now I keep stupidly double clicking on other peoples browers that don't have this must have add-on in it... Wish browsers had this feature by default...
  • Hmm, I can't wait for the new version, so I created the new one: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/double-click-to-reload-tab/
  • Tiny but very useful.
    Still works flawless on Aurora 7.
  • Update for Firefox 5–7.0 please.
  • This addon is perfect, I almost can't navigate without it, hence why an update for Firefox 5 is badly needed. Please update it for the latest firefox version!
  • Firefox 5.0 please!
  • Firefox 5.0 please
  • Firefox 4.0 Please
  • seems like the theme bug I had is fixed now
  • super tool, works great
    but 3 things
    1 website is not readable
    2 make a whitelist for websites where only 1 klick is needed
    3 go on every beta
  • Gr8 addon!!!Does exactly as described.
    Plz mark compatible for the latest beta
    Also the previous suggestion is worth giving a thought
  • excellent!

    yet can we add black lists of sites to skip from double clock reload? sometimes accidental double clicks on certain sites yield loss of data!
  • Doesn't seem to skip cache of Flash content. I'd love a clear cache for flash testing!
  • Thank You for updating this for FF 3.5.2, the old version was not compatible
  • very useful but v1.1 sucks ith FF 3.0.x ..
  • Very handy extension, simple and useful. Thanks to author.
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