My thanks and two suggestions Rated 5 out of 5 stars

Thank you for your addon!. Is very useful for me. I always used the imageshack toolbar, but the take always a lot of time to update.You know what could be very nice? The possibility to add a button in the main toolbar (or where you want) that allow you to go to the main FTP folder where you save your images or the Imageshack album where you are hosting the images. It could be configurable so you only need the code of the Imageshak account or just the FTP server name, password, etc.. and the button logs you automatically.Dont you think it could be very handy? An option to upload screenshots could be helpfull too. Something like a button where you only need use print screen and then push that button to paste the image in the clipboard into Rehost Image and upload it directly! :D

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