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  • A must-have addon.
    Would you please publish a version for Firefox 4.0b7 or later?
    Thanks in advance.
  • Win7 x86 / Firefox V 3.6.10
    Flash Switcher Win 1.0.2
    DownThemAll! 1.1.10
    Personal Menu 4.3.2
    Tab Mix Plus
    Theme Font Size Changer 0.2
    Menu Editor 1.2.6
    MR Tech Toolkit 6.0.4
    Embedded Objects 2.7
    UnPlug 2.033b
    RefreshBlocker 0.7

    Open mouth insert foot…?

    Yes… Firefox has a function to block refresh load [Options>Advance>General Tab] = Warn me when ect..ect.. checked.. However, this Firefox preference is very limited and has absolutely No-User Control incorporated and /or capabilities to modify actual web page behaviors… Many impious Web sites such as News organizations are notorious for refreshing (Tab) excessively to a point were surfing with such a site open (tab) makes it very difficult and slow to surf the internet. Excessive behaviors (Tab) that have the capability to by-pass or plainly ignore this basic (Firefox) block function.

    For those who have critique about this add-on are so wrong for so many reasons. There are despicable web site developers who provide many Major web sites (For A Fee $$). The ability to over ride and or overwrite user’s Web Browser preferences…Such as MSN, New York Times, Reuters and Washington Post to name but a few. Web sites who Pay$$ immoral web developers big money $$$$. To high jack your web browser’s preference to accommodate their agenda and increase their add revenue$$$...

    What RefreshBlocker add-on does do?
    With a user’s input (Black list) and configuration details combined with page info form in Firefox you are able to identify and block the culprit site addresses causing the excessive refreshing of open web site (tab). It also, has diminished the capacity of these morally wrong and malicious web sites from excessively refreshing an open web page (Tab). This add-on’s fully functional control mechanism is sorely needed in standard Firefox 3.6.10 !!!


    Wish list for lazy me would be? For developer to incorporate a black list option to encompass the whole web page (refresh) and all links (refresh) associated within the same web page..?
  • This doesn't work. Just try it on http://www.drudgereport.com/
  • I thought i needed this but finally its a standard feature since firefox3 : http://diveintomark.org/archives/2007/02/08/howto-block-meta-refresh
  • WARNING!: This addon does NOT work. It does NOT block MSN from loading when sighing out of hotmail, even after adding various ways 2 'black list' - uselsss.

    Please do not post addons that don't work - just wastes people's time, like some vandal.
  • It would be nice to have an on/off switch in the page context menu or in the statusbar (better).
  • It works great! Thanks!
  • It is a royal pain in the @$#! How do I remove it.
  • None of my whitelist entries are working anymore in 3.5.7. Everything gets blocked until I click through. Anybody else see the same thing?
  • What a relief!

    I used to ask, how these people have taken the right to refresh without my permission on my computer.

    Now I can block entitlement.
  • would be a heck of allot better if it blocked JS refreshes
  • hoorey! there's a new version on developers webpage that works again with firefox 3.5.x !!!
  • I'd like to make a correction to my last review; I said firefox 3.5.1 has included similar functionality, BUT what I didn't say is that i'd still prefer this extension, because in plus compared to native firefox behaviour, it shows you the meta refresh time and also the refresh URL,so you can be aware of what's next (firefox only temporarily block the redirect but does not show WHERE it will go)
  • FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR A 3.5.1 VERSION: YOU DON'T NEED THIS EXT. ANYMORE! the feature has been implemented within firefox! go to tools - options - advanced - general
  • great extension! too bad it does no longer work in firefox 3.5.1....
  • Do you have an update in the works for Firefox 3.5?
  • This is a great addon. ;) I love it because i can read articles entirely (before that, I was always annoyed with an automatic reloading!).
    One suggestion :
    Would it be possible to put the top yellow explanation ("refreshbloker has blocked ...") at the bottom of the page when I add the main website that I am visiting in a new whitelist ? note: I have already added other websites in the first withlist (so no yeallow box at all), but I would need a second (just to put the yellow box at the bottom) !
    Thanks by advance ;)
  • Same case as what vajras has pointed out.

    Suddenly doesn't work on meta tag anymore....

    Can't figure out the reasons even on a clean profile.
  • Unfortunately, the web has moved on and many news sites now have their annoying auto-refreshes in JavaScript, which this extension doesn't deal with. Prior to that, it did the job but always fell short of being the ideal solution, as it has no option to globally exclude short refreshes used as redirects.
  • Great extension but with one small flaw. The fact that the extension creates a line of text at the top of the page messes with the clicking on links.
    You can try and click on a link before the pages has finished loading and just when your about to click the whole page moves down one centimeter becuase of the text message.

    Would be great if you could add as an option "Silent mode" or something?

    Anyhow, great extension, please keep up the good work!
  • unfortunately, this started well but has deteriorated as time passed.

    three websites that were successfully blocked have now, somehow, got past this add-on and it's only been 48 hrs since installing.

    not quite what i had expected to happen but do look forward to a more complete version in the future.
  • "This extension does not block JavaScript-based... redirects. If you know a way how to do this, please let me know."

    To try to block JavaScript refreshes, see the following:

    1) You can try the AdBlock Plus add-on extension: When you are on the offending page, click "open blockable items". Try to find the refresh ".js" item in that list of blockable items, then get AdBlock plus to block that item (eg. right click the item and select "block this item").

    2) Try blocking ALL JavaScript for that site using the blacklist of the YesScript add-on extension.
  • Could you add an option so the refresh is not blocked but followed instantly so I don't have to wait for ads to timeout but it follows to the first page. Now I have to click manually but it would be nice to have another gray list where put webpages i need to follow refresh
  • Extremely useful. I have a big list of standard tabs. A couple of them used to refresh far more often than I needed -- not any more!

    Possible enhancements:
    1) Add a link to the context menu for the infobox so that the site can be quickly added to the white list.
    2) Allow the user to keep the refresh but specify a different number of seconds.

  • Great.

    Global blocking of refresh/redirect can cause trouble in gmail or some other webmail services.

    What we need is a whitelist.