Rated 4 out of 5 stars

Nice extension. It also seems to work fine on FF 8.0a1 (after manually editing firefox maxversion parameter into install.rdf).

I second the people that asked for an option to place an icon on the status bar to ease the addition of white/black lists rules, and also the people asking for an option to avoid the alert message on blocked refreshments, that's something that may be alerted through statusbar icon.

The extension does what it says. That also means it doesn't work with JavaScript based refreshments. But there's a solution for that, I've succesfully tested this userscript (for GreaseMonkey or Scriptish addons) https://www.userscripts.org/scripts/show/35375 on drudgereport.com example exposed in previous reviews (after adding the URL, or a wildcard in the include list setting of the script). Would be great if this extension can integrate this feature with an addon bar icon to alert wether it is in effect or not.

Also, for your information, you can edit the extension to avoid the alert message inside the page, but be careful because this way you won't know if the extension is blocking anything unless you disable it and load the page again. To remove that message follow this steps (with 7-zip):
- Open extension .xpi with 7-zip
- Go to ..\chrome\RefreshBlocker.jar and Open Inside it.
- Go to ..\content\RefreshBlocker.js and Edit (F4) it.
- Remove code from (including, look for it):
"... this.addNotification ..."
to the (including):
"... }..."
inmediately before (excluding, look for it)
"... this.isBlocked ..."
- Close editor with OKs to saving the new file, updating the file in the compressed archive, and finally closing 7-zip.