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  • it stops auto refresh!
  • While they update the add-on blocker, I think this helps:

    Tipe in your url window


    Press the button:

    I acetpt the risk

    Search this word:


    Appear this option:

    Accesibility.blockautorefresh default boolean false

    Select the option and press enter. The option must change to:

    Accesibility.blockautorefresh user boolean true

    Many pages that try to auto-refresh will be blocked, offering you the option to refresh them by pressing the boton "Allow"

  • Could you please make it compatible with e10s.
  • RefreshBlocker was a useful Firefox addon which I had been using for years. Sadly, it hasn't been updated since Jan 2011.

    Firefox 46 completely broke RefreshBlocker & RefreshBlocker also broke FF46 (it took me hours to find out which addon was the culprit). Mozilla has now changed its availability to pre FF46.

    Since it was the only addon with this functionality, (which I really got used to having), I decided to write a brand new addon myself (with a good few additional features) .

    For those who might be interested here it is "Refresh Blocker"
  • I've used this for years to block annoying pages that refresh without my permission. I'm waiting patiently for a new version that works with the current version of Firefox. And to previous reviewers: We don't know that the add-on developer is at fault for recent troubles. It could be Mozilla who changed something that broke it. Thanks for your work, thus far, developers!
  • The extension is marked as "non compatible" with Firefox 46.0.

    But if you upgrade from a previous version, Firefox doesn't disable it and the extension makes the browser unusable (menus and back button are disabled, and if you save the open tabs at the end of a session, you won't get them back at next reboot).

    Restarting Firefox in safe mode and disabling the extension solved the problem.

    So sad, it seems to be the only extension that block(ed) correctly the auto-refresh feature... any alternatives in there?
  • This extension worked well enough for a while, although there was plenty of room for improvement. Unfortunately, the longer I used it, the more Firefox was "not responding". As soon as I disabled it, I stopped getting the "not responding".
  • I really liked this for those sites that just update continually. They are annoying and consume bandwidth. Last year I finally updated my FF from ver. 26 to 28 (yeah, really, 'cause I hate having my fave ext's getting broken by updates) and whoops - this one only works through ver. 27. Developer, are you still alive? Well, best wishes anyway.

    Does anyone know of an alternative, perhaps?
  • Not Working at all!! Don't bother to install this useless extension! It does not prevent pages from auto-refreshing – completely worthless. Developer should kick himself in the shinbone, the pain would be gone a lot quicker.
  • Disables auto-redirect, which is not the same auto-refresh, on all pages. I do not want auto-redirect to be disabled by default as it is mandatory for proper usage of many websites.
  • I can't get this to work at all. I added one site that I wanted to refresh-block, and clicked Enable RefreshBlocker and The list acts as a Blacklist. It didn't work. I then tried all eight combinations of Enable Debug Mode on/off, RegExp on/off for the URL (even though it didn't use a regular expression), and Test against Current URL/Target URL. I restarted FF between each change of options. No combination worked: the page I wanted to stop refreshing, kept refreshing. It's a shame; I really want this functionality and no other addon offers it.

    I'm running FF 35.0.1 on Win 7 Home Premium SP1.
  • like this: <head>...
    <noscript><meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; URL=/redirect.php"></noscript>...
    (firefox 28)
  • It's great! It blocks the automatic reload on Weather Underground, and that's exactly what I wanted.

    I only gave this 4 out of 5 stars though because I don't like how I can't disable the infobox. I mean, I feel that an option should exist to NOT show it. It's an eyesore. Y'know?

    Other than that though, it does exactly what I wanted it to do: block Weather Underground's automatic reload. I just hope that the next version of RefreshBlocker will include the ability to never show the infobox, and I hope that it gets created and released very soon.
  • Apparently some people don't know the difference between meta refresh, redirect and javascript methods of refresh, reload, etc.. - I needed a nice clean & simple META REFRESH block and .. ZOMG! - IT WORKS!! - Thank you very much!
  • I was still redirected to damn linkbucks. I need something like NoScript but with a black list and not a white list because most sites I allow.
  • Does what it say. Good Extension. ty
  • + Disables meta refresh

    - Prevents every kind of page redirection
    This makes it impossible to login some websites which redirect user data into some login script page.

    There should have been a toolbar button, from which user could be able to temporarily disable this extension when needed.
  • ATTN: RefreshBlocker for Firefox
    Can you please add an option to this awesome Add-on to be able to access the 'Options' from the "Contextual Menu" or "Status Bar Icon"
    -or- at-least a faster way to add a site to the 'White-list / Black-list'
    ..other-than, having to ...
    Open Add-ons,
    then finding this Add-on in the list,
    then 'clicking Options' &
    then finally adding the site you desire to our lists??!???
    Pretty Please.
  • Doesn't work. Sure, it blocks the meta refresh, but it then prevents the entire page from being loaded. So now, instead of just blocking the meta refresh, the entire page is just stopped on a white background.
  • É a única maneira de conseguir ler a homepage do UOL, pois a página recarrega muito rápido e as matérias desaparecem ou mudam de lugar.
  • Not work in Palemoon 9.2. Browser redirect to bad site.
  • It does what it claims. The addon also works on FF 11.0a1 (nightly at this moment), after manually editing firefox maxversion parameter into install.rdf file. I think white/black lists is a better approach than that of the built-in FF feature to avoid all or none redirections.

    This extension only blocks META refresh, not javascript refresh. I found a userscripts.org script (for GreaseMonkey or Scriptish addons) https://www.userscripts.org/scripts/show/35375 for blocking javascript refreshings which I've succesfully tested in drudgereport.com (example pointed in previous reviews here) after adding the URL, or a wildcard, in the include list of the script options (but be careful with the wildcards as using it kinda whitelist mode, in some pages, will block interstitial advertising loaded previously to the loading of the main page, so it could block the latter, and doesn't have alerts).

    I second previous reviewers asking for an option to place an icon in the status bar to ease the addition of white/black lists rules; and also asking for an option to avoid the alert message on blocked META refresh, that's something that can be alerted through statusbar icon also.Although fortunatelly, you can remove the alert message strip by manually editing the addon, but be careful because you won't get any feedback when redirections got blocked and you may not notice it missing something... using 7-zip:
    - Open compressed file (.xpi addon file)
    - Go to ..\chrome\RefreshBlocker.jar and Open Inside it
    - Go to ..\content\RefreshBlocker.js and edit (F4) it
    - Remove code from (including, search it):... this.addNotification ...until the (including):... } ... inmediately previous to (excluding, search it)... this.isBlocked ...
    - Close editor and 7-zip accepting to overwrite and to update the compressed file when needed

    And about the addon options, it's needed more information... is debug mode creating logs? where? maybe a button can be added to acess log from options window or from a potential status bar button. Is the javascript regular expressions https://developer.mozilla.org/en/JavaScript/Guide/Regular_Expressions the only way to use "wildcards" in the white/black list as it seems? It should be specified that javascript regexp doesn't seems to work if they are enclosed in /slashes/ as the guide I linked right before claims...Sumarizing, this addon has pontential to be a must have addon if author could add the javascript refresh block feature, add previously described extra options, and add a bit of user help.
  • Absolutely did not work using the blacklist for drudgereport using Firefox or Pale Moon browsers.
  • Better than the default Firefox redirect blocker, but there is a learning curve. Works best using a whitelist with regexp definitions. Needs a toolbar icon for adding sites to whitelist (or blacklist) like both Noscript and AdBlock Plus have. Then it would be perfect. To use it, first turn off the default Firefox redirect blocker (about:config in location bar -> Toggle accessibility:blockautorefresh to false).
  • Does exactly what is claimed. Super! The only pick that I have is the window that opens to let us know the program is working. It takes up too much space at the top of the screen and gets in the way of clicking on other tabs. A way to turn this off would be a big addition.