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  • WOW!!!!! UPDATES!!!
  • Essential. Block referrer for 3rd party requests.
  • I put this one in my "Apollo! Pack" collection and I would urge people not to surf without it. Alone it wont give you total security but combined with others such as "Noscript", "Request Policy" and others you will give yourself almost bulletproof security and privacy. Virtually every angle of attack will be shut down and you can surf with peace of mind.
  • Two years in use now and i still love it. Thank you for this great AddOn!
  • Thanks for updating this for Firefox 4. The best referrer control extension for Firefox.
  • Excellent addon which allows customization for each site.
    Developer just updated RefControl for Firefox 4 compatibility :
  • If you search for refControl version working under FF 4.0bX
    here you go:
  • Please make it work with SeaMonkey too!
  • Great addon!
  • Fantastic add on. Is another important tool in my swiss-army knife of privacy extensions.
  • Pls update it!
  • Great add-on and have grown to depend on it. Unfortunately I have switched to FF4beta7 and it doesn't work.
  • I love this addon because of its easy interface and concept. It should be a part of FF.
  • Great addon. Needs to be updated for Firefox 4 (you can force installation, but it doesn't actually block anything).
  • great tool! I set it on forge all not listed so it provides privacy but still I am able to use pages which require referer information (like registering on modzilla.org).
  • Great addon. Hope to get an update for 4.0 :))
  • Perfect for every Maerklin-modeler, cause they don't allow clicking deep-links to their service-pdfs with a non-maerklin referrer.
  • 'Tools' > 'RefControl Options' > 'Edit' (next to 'Default for sites not listed') > Enter url for default referral site

    I luv it. :D
  • RefControl is one of the add-ons that makes me love Firefox. Will be even more happy once it is updated for the 4 betas!
  • I highly recommend this as additional layer of security/privacy.
  • Please... PLEEEASE... I beg you! Update for FF4.0b2 as soon as possible!

    Without this "Must-Have" I am not a happy user of FF Beta's like before...
  • It works and works well.
  • Excellent privacy tool, works as advertised.
  • Works very nicely! I have all sites except the ones I need given a reference to a site on garden gnomes.
  • Works great !
    Beware: the forge option disable the downloads on sourceforge.com, so set the behaviour to normal for this site in the option menu.