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  • The latest update broke it, no icon in the status bar (or no toolbar button) and tried everything to get it back with no luck. Uninstalled.
  • The only one that works
  • It helps to cover your tracks on the internet.
  • I can't speak for others, but for someone who hates marketing and tracking browsing trends, this add-on is a Must-Have.

    Many thanks, James, for creating this add-on!
  • @8-bit: Nope. Doesn't work for me. I can't drag anything onto the status bar. If I try, all I see is a stop sign. (FF 3.6.24)
  • Having to go back to previous version to get working functionality back
  • Basically useless as it still seem to only block referrers TO certain sites and doesn't offer any way to block referrers FROM certain sites.

    The reasons why it 'should' work like this are many, even the site for the addon lists such reasons, maybe just doesn't realise it, yet this still doesn't let you hide the referer in a useful way.

    While it does let you block all referers which is a small saving grace it doesn't have a whitelist so again falls short.
  • Easy to use.
  • This is still a very handy addon. However, it requires features like:

    1. some kind of animation/notification when the referer is allowed for a site.

    2. The icon needs to be changed.
  • Works well but I lost it from the add-on bar and couldn't get it back until I edited "prefs.js" in the Firefox profile directory. Before I figured out how to re-materialize the RefControl icon, I send an email to the developer which immediately bounced (not good) and there's no other way to contact him.

    Could be a great add-on if developer support was taken seriously.
  • This is really a wonderful addon which lets me keep some more privacy about where I have been surfing around and it lets me create a white list about where I run into troubles.

    Just one little thing I am missing, I try to get get rid of the addon bar and have put all my addons in the nav bar the top right corner but somehow I can't move the icon of RefControl, would be nice, if this could be added.
  • 希望继续更新!
  • Great!
  • An excellent extension, and it works just fine in Firefox 7.
  • This addon is a nice enhancement to personal privacy, since there's just no need for websites to know where you're coming from. Setting first-party blocking breaks a lot of sites, but there's no need for that because it doesn't enhance privacy, so setting third-party blocking is the way to go. Third party blocking is fine except that a whole mass of paywall newspaper sites watch for the referrer from Google News to enable access to articles referred to from there, so it'd be nice if Google News could be whitelisted, except for the unfortunate fact that it's the referring site, not the site being jumped to. Please add the option to whitelist the referring site and this addon would be perfect.
  • I've been using this extension with success for years. But I must agree with previous reviewer Paul Leger - it's not working anymore. I wrapped up a report and some screen shots and emailed them to James, as yet unanswered. Hopefully it'll get fixed. In the meantime, I'm un-installing. Sad.
  • Does anybody know why it turns AskMen.com into a 'Problem loading page' page? Is there any way around this?
  • So easy and awesome. thanks
  • Why does it still use status bar, not addon-bar? The elements in status bar (unlike addon-bar items) are not movable.
  • Awesome addon!
    Since firefox 4 is officially released, and we are much likely to get rid of the status bar. Is it possible to add a toolbar button and I can manage all my addons from the toolbar easily.
  • It's working fine in nightly 6.0a1, I use it to send referrer to one site and didn't notice any problem with it.
  • Advertised as working with FF4.0. But in fact, it's not working at all with FF4.0. Any settings have no effect. The referrer is still sent.
  • Nice addon. But it's Firefox 4.0 incompatible. Please do make it 4.0 compatible. Thanks!
  • Love this addon !
    It's logic, WHY THE HELL the next site i visit should know from where i'm coming ?
    And sometimes referrer is useful, that's why the whitelist is for !

    PROBLEM: Marked as "Firefox 4.0" compatible but it's not.
    It's install great, and the ui is working, but any of the settings have no effects !

    PLEASE FIX ! :)
  • I love this addon. It increases privacy, but does not make websites unusable, because it optionally does not delete in-site referrers. The only thing I am missing is support for the addon bar.