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  • Спасибо!
  • I like this addon. But it must support wildcards on site rules. Some sites have many sub domains, numeric variations and RefControl behaves them as seperate sites. With wildcards this issue would be fixed.
  • I found an alternative on the net that seems to work: altrefcontrol (referer control in context menu)
  • I recently firmed up all my security settings to stop being tracked and force https use etc. This included changing 'network.http.sendRefererHeader' in Firefox to stop the referer header being sent.
    Unfortunately this stopped some sites from working, in my case I couldn't log into my BBC user account as it need the header for verification.
    Added RefControl, added the BBC site (forged header), and it's working again.
    Simples. Very happy!
  • Yikes, even changing the options of other add-ons took a long time so long as this one was installed. Also what I was really hoping for was the ability to blacklist the "from" site from sending the referrer. For example I don't want google to send the referrer (especially the search terms!) when I follow a result link (I can't find a way to do this other than to use https google).
  • RefControl very slow loading pages, I stopped using it.
  • Works really well !
    Must have for privacy conscious users
  • http://some.tld/this/place.html

    instead of only

  • I think retardos' comment is confusing.

    I set this up a few seconds ago...

    disqus.com -to- http://www.google.com/

    ...I only tried it one site but it worked.

    I use http://www.google.com/ for all sorts of sites since most sites aren't "surprised" by it.
  • Nice plugin, but people who have problems with disqus comment boxes need to have comment box location host as referer setting for disqus.com in "long form" as http://www.example.com not as www.example.com.

    Little bad for users who use multiple pages with disqus comments, and want to use this lightweight plugin, but atleast now you know where problem lies.

    P.S. When contacted disqus developers were determined to keep their "security" feature that can be easily spoofed :P
  • I like the concept and most of the functioning of RefControl. I've been using it with several versions of Firefox (from 3.0.xx thru 3.6.xx to 10.0.xESR) in Windows XP.

    Lately I have noticed that it seems to be involved in causing Disqus comments to fail to display. At least in FF 10.0.x.
    I tested with turning off all (5 of my) FF addon extensions and then enabling individually and it comes down to RefControl (0.8.16) which prevents the Disqus comments from being displayed. All I see on (FileHippo for example) is the Disqus activity throbber pulsing. But no comments.
    Disabling RefControl allows Disqus comments to be displayed.
    I experimented with adding the related sites (filehippo, disqus) to RefControl whitelist - setting them to 'Normal', but that did not help.

    Would love if you could find a patch that allows Disqus to work.
    In meanwhile, I try to remember to just click on the Refcontrol mini-icon to disable (= red ex-out) when I need Disqus comments, then I click it again to re-enable after done with Disqus. Nice that such off/on is easy. :)

    P.S.: Win XP Pro SP3, FF 10.0.6esr, RefControl 0.8.16, Java 6.33, Flash 11.3.300.265, 2GB RAM.

    Thank you.
  • I have to disable this add-on or the disqus comments won't load on readwriteweb.com. This is very strange.
  • I like the idea of this a lot, but find that it is not defaulting to as I have set it to do (Firefox 13.01). I have to manually set each site. Help?
  • I like this! Easy recipe against curious companies: they will not receive any more information from which website I´m coming.
    Smart: I can put basic settings for all but can also much easily exclude a website!
  • A perfect capstone on my need to protect my privacy. I've been Monstering my Cookies, Blocking my Flash, and No-ing my Scripts for a long time but, now, especially with the EU "cookie law" ramping up incentives to track without cookies, I started worrying about Referer headers.

    After all, you can hardly tell Google that the Google Font Library and the Google AJAX CDN (which seems to serve everyone's jQuery these days) are illegal tracking tools... but the Referer header and a little smart coding let Google use them that way.

    That's where RefControl comes in. It has a delightful little feature named "Default: FORGE" where I can satisfy most sites with meaningless fake Referer headers, but still whitelist the few sites like Snopes and Pixiv which are especially picky.

    I wish there was a clear way to apply a whitelist to non-3rd-party URLs only, but aside from that, it's a perfect set-and-forget privacy tool.
  • This is really a wonderful add-on which gives you more privacy when surfing on the internet. It also have a great feature/option from where you can white list the websites that do not work correctly if you block the referrer. 5 stars from me :)
  • I wish the referer sent in FORGE mode was the ENTIRE current URL and not merely the base url
  • Seems to ignore rules you specify for sites, so you must have icon in statusbar to manually disable.
    No contact info for support.
  • Haven't noticed any programs or have any suggestions. Just works for me, nice addon.
  • Still a great extension, clearly deserving a five-star rating, in spite of the fact that I had to revert to an older version in order regain the lost ability to disable/enable it quickly, directly from the statusbar.

    RefControl does efficiently everything one needs, including many of the things other previous reviewers on this board have claimed it does not do.

    RefControl 0.8.16 no longer displays the options menu when one left clicks the status bar. This is a critical feature for vimperator/pentadactyl users who choose to live without a "navigation toolbar" and without a "menu bar", and who try control everything from the statusbar or the vimperator commandline.

    I hope future versions include a quickly accessible enable/disable option, if not directly from the statusbar, perhaps from the context menu.
  • RefControl used to show the referer as a tooltip, but it doesn't work properly with Firefox 11. When I mouse-over the icon, the word "RefControl" appears instead of showing the referer as it did before.

    What happened?
  • The add-on works fine, but the functionality isn't what I was expecting. I thought that it was for configuring the referring URL that would get sent FROM a particular site, rather than the URL that is sent TO the site. It might help if the add-on's description were updated to clarify this.
  • Useful addons.
  • This addon works in most cases with firefox 11,
    But The ampersand characters with cgi-bin parameter is rewrited to escaped format.
    So it cause break cgi working.
    It occurs significantly in ancient CGI access counter uses with img src tag.
  • I can't see it working. Uninstalled.